Pretty and Pines

Call me traditional but I still think that Baguio is one of the most romantic cities in the Philippines. Apparently I have Darwin and Andrea to back me up on that theory. Can you imagine smelling the scent of fresh pine and cuddling close to a loved one in that chilly but nonetheless dreamy weather?

This wedding channels a homey and classic feel, overflowing with soft details and a hint of French charm. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a couple as gorgeous and stylish as these two (yes, I think that gown is frothy-licious and that suit has dashing written all over it)! With weddings as pretty as this, it will always be worth the trip up the mountains.

Church: Baguio Cathedral / Reception: Camp John Hay Golf Club / Photographer: Mangored / Videographer: Threelogy / Gown: Patrice Ramos-Diaz / Tux: Paul Cabral / Entourage: Martin Bautista / Coordinator: Rita Neri Event Planners / Make-up: Robbie Pinera / Hair: Raymond Santiago / Flowers: Flowers & Events by Teddy Manuel / Cake: Penk Ching / Invitations: Amis Print

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  1. That’s it—I’m never going to shop for shoes again and will start saving up for my dream wedding—with you guys to cover it. ^^. I LOVE EVERYTHING here., ^^,

  2. Everything looked sublime and extraordinary. Such a good-looking couple! All the colors and decor and detail speak of impeccable style. everything looked so intimate and homey and such a dream!

  3. What a pretty wedding! Loved her bridesmaids’ gowns too. Would you be able to tell me what kind of shade she used for their dresses? It’s a lovely color and not too girly. šŸ™‚

  4. Reese: I used taupe, beige, and like a really dead old rose!
    Rachelle: THANK YOU!!! <3
    Ann: Saving up for your dream wedding is well worth the effort!!! šŸ™‚

    1. Hi Andrea! (or perhaps Janna!)

      I love the white folding chairs you used here. My wedding will be in January, Baguio as well. I’m looking for a chair supplier for use in the Camp John Hay amphitheater. Would you mind sending me their contact? šŸ™‚

  5. Andrea, may I ask for the contact details of Amis Print? Sent them an email to get quotations, but I haven’t recieved a reply. I believe that they’re inexpensive and have had good feedback. Would love to set an appointment with them.

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