Pretty Meets Phenomenal

Many of you are expecting some good ol’ Fashion Friday today. Well today we adjust our usual schedule for a good cause–a very fashionable couple! How romantic is it to get married on your 100th month together? Talk about beautiful timing!

Speaking of beauty, this is what this wedding is overflowing with. Pat Dy simply did what he does best–amazing editorial-like portraits and inspiring beauty shots (phenomenal job on the post-wedding pictures)! The bride Anielle was elegantly regal in her dramatic gown, and her groom Rapha, a sleek charmer. It’s Friday, we’re in love.

My ultimate favorite photo of the set. Breathtaking.

Church: Don Bosco / Reception: Blue Leaf / Photographer: Pat Dy / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Gown: Michi Calica / Make-Up: Bobby Carlos / Flowers: Spruce Floral Design / Cake: Penk Ching / Coordinator: The 3rd Party Wedding Planners

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The Look



    1. This is amazing!!! šŸ™‚ Props to the bride for her courage to get into the water in her gown! (Just wondering, won’t that do any damage to the dress?)

    2. @ Reese: Thank you so much for your kind words šŸ™‚ And just as an update… the dress is alive and kicking! haha! I had it dry-cleaned immdiately after the shoot. šŸ™‚

    3. Ooh Anielle thanks for pointing the way to this blog! I am so enjoying it that I put a link to this entry in my FB fan page. I’m so glad to hear the dress was revived! Having done a few hundred dresses in my design career – I must say I really enjoyed doing this wedding gown. Anielle was direct and easy to work with, it was zero stress working on this piece fro her. Janna kudos on this blog. It’s so easy to read, digest and packed with beautiful photos!!

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