Be Legendary

I know Bride and Breakfast is all about the pretty. B&B celebrates beauty and love through weddings. Although this video is not the typical clip you often see here, it doesn’t change the fact that it too celebrates love. Weddings can be grand, but marriages can be legendary.

As we take a break from our usual charm-filled weddings, my hope for every bride and groom is that as much effort you put in making your big day as memorable as possible, you would also give a double portion of that energy in making your marriage epic.

This is a video that brought my husband and I to tears. We literally had to give each other a moment to take in the whole thing before we got to talk about what we just watched. Being a cancer survivor myself some 7 years ago, this video struck a chord on finding the perfect person who can brave life with you with constant love and loyalty.

Carefully listen to the dialogue, it may not be pretty… but it is definitely beautiful.

“In my mind and in my heart, there has never been, there is not now and never will be another Annie.”

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  1. I saw it thrice. Each time, I cried. And each time I found myself saying, “I want that someday.” What a heartwarming story. If only more and more love stories like these were told, then maybe, there would be a little less madness and a a little more hope, and love, to ’round in the world.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. This reminds me so much of my grandparents. They knew no other love than the one they shared for more than sixty years.

    Thanks for sharing! I posted this on my facebook page, I hope that’s okay.

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