Loving the Letter L

L can stand for so many things—a lovely bride named LJ and an even lusciously love-filled wedding in Laguna beach. I never thought I would like the letter L so much. And of course, to prove my point I needed to walk the talk. This came the hard part: picking what pictures to post since there are just too many to choose from. Just so you know, our home-grown-super-talented photog Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto is the mastermind behind the amazing shots.

Jimmy and LJ celebrated their union all the way in Laguna Beach, California! Oly describes it as “awesome-tacular”. And awesome and spectacular it really is. With the gorgeous backdrop of the ocean, an intimate celebration with close family and friends, plus the beautiful pop of colors all throughout the celebration, you can’t help but sit back and enjoy this one!

This letter is just too cute for words.

What a jaw-dropping scene. You might just catch yourself drooling over this.

Filipino elements were incorporated in the wedding. As they say You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

And if you want some more, check out the on-site video done by the very popular Jason Magbanua.

Photography: Metro Photo / Videography: Jason Magbanua

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