This Artistic Bulacan Wedding was D.I.Y.-ed by the Bride and Her Family!

Jordan and Rachel’s big day was truly and literally a labor of love. Almost every detail was D.I.Y.-ed by the bride with the help of her family! The bride herself, who is an artist, made the invitations, bouquet, wedding signage, and also the picnic table, teepee, and macrame backdrop at the reception. She was lucky to have […]

The Look



Unmistakable Charm

I’m hoping for brighter weather today, so let’s kick off our morning with a sunshine-filled wedding. Don’t be fooled,  Andrew and Lanie’s sweet affair looks like it was shot abroad, thanks to their photographer J Lucas Reyes and the amazing backdrops.  You’d be shocked that the venue, The Greenery, is very accessible from the city […]