The On Screen Sweethearts AlDub Tied The Knot and the Official Wedding Photos Look So Adorable

Okay everyone, the official AlDub wedding photos are out! As we all know by now, Alden and Yaya Dub finally got hitched in their Kalyeserye, and I gotta say that everything just looked too real! Check out the fab snaps of Metrophoto and relive the wedding all over again. And if you haven’t seen it […]

The Look


Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards’ Wedding Vows Will Make You Want To Fall In Love Over and Over Again!

This is it, boys and girls! Earlier today, we were teased with a few wedding videos, and now, the much anticipated SDE of the #ALDUB wedding is finally out… and it’s playing on repeat! Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza make the cutest onscreen couple, and we just love how their story was beautifully captured by Jason […]

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Aldub Wedding Videos

The AlDub wedding videos by Jason Magbanua¬†are out! Alden and Maine¬†finally got married in the Kalyeserye segment of the show Eat Bulaga, and I have to say that it was quite fantastic! From their prenup photos to this, it’s undeniable how much Filipinos really enjoy love stories and happy endings. So darlings, enjoy the treat! […]