Rich Hues of Blue, Purple, and Green Brighten Sam YG and Essa’s Special Day!

We love seeing couples who don’t shy away from rich, bold colors. Sam and Essa chose such hues that exude sophistication! Emerald-like green for the invitations and the entourage’s robes, a royal blue for the groom, Sam, looking dapper in his suit, and purple for the florals that make up an enchanting ceiling installation. Bold […]

Fall in Love with Morissette Amon’s Beautiful Wedding in a Barn!

Singer Morissette Amon surprised her followers when she announced her marriage to fellow singer Dave Lamar! They had a wedding in a barn that was nothing short of amazing. They exchanged vows outdoors under one umbrella, they gave each other the most meaningful gifts under the shade of a tree, and they laughed and danced […]

The Look