Eri Neeman is natural. That’s one thing you feel when he hosts. He instantly connects with the audience and carries them from beginning to end.

He knows energy and flow, an instinct he’s acquired and honed from hosting events for 10 years. Being a Stand-up Comedian for seven years, plus three years as an Improv Actor under premiere Improv Group, SPIT, enables him to adapt to any unplanned situation and turn it into an entertaining surprise for the audience.

Eri is also featured #1 in the Top 10 Emcees/Hosts in the Philippines by The Wedding Vow SG.

“Every couple is different. It’s always a unique experience connecting with them and their family and friends. Not to mention making them laugh. I love weddings. It’s an event celebrating love. It reminds you of what’s truly important in life.” says Eri.

He cares about the details and will sit down with the couple for as long as it takes to come up with the best possible flow for their special day.

“When a couple books me. They entrust me with one of the most important events of their lives. A memory they will treasure forever. I appreciate and value that trust.”

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  • When we met Eri, we knew that he was going to be perfect as our host. And we were absolutely right! He is truly a blessing, and made our special day a lot more memorable. – Carlo & Karla Dejelo
  • A heartfelt thanks to Eri for making it a fun evening for us and our guests. Thanks not only for hosting but for all your valuable inputs during the planning stages. – Noel & Sheryl Bautista
  • Eri lit up the crowd with what he does best. Many of our guests will not forget him and his pleasant presence. He is the ideal host, the new blood, and a rising star in the making. – Jose & Candee Delgado
  • Eri a.k.a. Energetic, Respectful, and Innovative.Energetic. We’ve never witnessed any other host as energetic as Eri, a host that is able to sustain such enthusiasm and lively demeanor on stage from opening ’til the lights went out.Respectful. Eri (no matter how fluent and excellent his English communication skills were!) was still able to inject the basic Filipino terms, “po” and “opo” when talking to our parents, ninongs, and ninangs. His ability to adjust quickly to every audience encounter was admirable!Innovative. Nothing was scripted except for the program flow. From background song choices, to wedding games, to the best adlibs, name it, I’m sure he can do it! Yes, he’s that good!Thank you Eri, for sharing your talents with us!– Team Layo (JJ and Klarisse)
  • Always a pleasure to work with Eri Neeman as program host! Young and energetic, he can easily liven up a crowd with his trademark wit and charm. Booking him is one of the best decisions you can make if you want a seamless flow and never a dull moment in your party! – Kutchie Zaldarriaga, President, Getting Married Philippines
  • When Eri is my event host, I am confident that the program is in good hands and that my guests will have a wonderful time! – Marex Gaba, Events Director/Specialist, Chairman – Philippine Association of Wedding Planners (PAWP)
  • You are assured of a successful program when Eri is hosting. He is every planner’s and director’s ideal host. – Liza Lugue-Alviedo, Event Coordinator – Kasalan Coordination Services, Committee Head – Philippine Association of Wedding Planners (PAWP)



Stand-Up Comedy

  1. Eri is THE host you would want to have on your special day. To say that he’s talented is an understatement. He is GIFTED. He has the gift of making small unavoidable missed details gone, he has the gift of making your program flawless, and he has the gift of connecting with your audience… every single one of them. He is truly amazing. Don’t even think twice of getting him, he is one of the best decisions we’ve made! Hands down to you Eri! – Hans and Corine

  2. One of the best decisions that we made during our wedding was choosing Eri Neeman as our host. He was able to stir our guests’ interest and keep the energy flowing starting from our cocktails to the main program. We loved his professionalism as well as his wit and charm. This star was the perfect person to carry out our movie theme. The time we spent laughing and brainstorming with him during our planning stage was also an enjoyable bonus.? Thanks a lot Eri! #GiMikTheUnion

    1. Oh man, you guys. This is awesome. Thank you for this. 🙂

      All those meetings planning with you guys were just as much fun for me. All we did was laugh and crack jokes most of the time.

      I thoroughly enjoyed hosting your wedding. You two are great.

      Also, the line I used for your Dad Miko is the official line I use when the Dad makes a long speech. I’ve used it again and the guests laughed just as hard. 😀

      All the best to you two. 🙂

  3. Off the bat, Eri made us feel like we were barkada. During the planning session leading up to the wedding, we hung out and talked about cards. This was enough for him to get a feel of the relationship between my wife and I. During the reception everything flowed smoothly. It felt like he already knew us for a long time. Thank you for taking care of us. Cheers Eri!


    1. It was my pleasure you guys. ? Thank you Gab. I’m happy I got to be part of your special day. Regards and God bless you both. ?

  4. Thank you so much Eri! ❤ You were totally amazing last night. The guests loved you to bits and they kept complimenting you for keeping them entertained. ❤ Most of them didn’t even notice the time coz they were having so much fun! You are an amazing person and you have great talent, we definitely recommend you! We wish you all the best in all your future plans and goals! Hope to see you soon!

    1. Hey guys! Thank you so much for having me. Man I had just as much fun hosting for everyone. They’re good people. 🙂

      You guys keep in touch and take care.

      Justin, we’ll drop the mic at your 25th anniversary. 🙂

  5. Eri Neeman is the Man! He was our awesome host for wedding reception last Friday, Jan 22, and we didn’t go wrong in choosing him. Aside from boosting the energy of the crowd of young and old, he is one funny guy! 🙂

  6. Traditional Chinese need not worry. This Jew rocks! Everyone had a blast at my brother’s wedding last Sunday. Your energy, wit and charm helped set the fun vibe of the event. Also, great effort with the lip sync battle but Ricky Martin was tough to beat.

    1. Hahaha, I love this comment. Thank you Warren. Yeah Ricky Martin definitely brought the house down. I had so much fun hosting that night man. That was a great night. ?

      Also great moves at the parade of the entourage. ??? That set a great tone for the night and broke the ice for everyone. ??

  7. Before the wedding, I was a little apprehensive about Eri hosting my wedding. My wife and I are from fairly traditional Filipino-Chinese backgrounds and we are also devout Christians. However, I got lots of comments from guests about how fun, hilarious and energetic he was. He is not your typical Fil-Chi wedding host, that sound like they read off a script. He didn’t slip up and say anything offensive. Even both our parents were happy with him. Being spontaneous and witty, he was able to engage the crowd of even the older adults.
    “Very nice!!!”

    1. Thank you so much for this Tim. 🙂

      Hosting your wedding program proved to me that you can connect with everyone given the right attitude and intentions, no matter what the crowd.

      People love to have fun and laugh. No matter what their background.

      I’m happy that your guests and family had a great time. Thank you for having me you guys. Keep in touch. 🙂

  8. This guy Eri Neeman was one of the reasons why out wedding went well. Every decisions we made while planning for the wedding were all perfect to make our dream wedding come true. Having Eri as our host brought value added life to our wedding party. Everyone enjoyed the wedding reception because this guy was made the event very interesting and base from the response of out guest, they all had the time of their lives because not only was he professional, but talented and creative. #lifeoftheparty

    1. Hey Niki, thank you man. I really appreciate the kind words. I had so much fun hosting for you guys and your guests. Regards to Karla and give her another fist-bump for you guys hashtag. Top 2 best on my book. 🙂

      You guys take care. 🙂

  9. My father passed away 2 weeks before our wedding, everyone was emotional and lots of tears were shed during our big day. Eri provided a lighter mood with so much laughter but at the same time he gave the appropriate responses to the solemn and emotional moments. He is very witty, has a charming personality and unparalleled spontaneity. He even suggested games which everyone loved, provided funny comments during technical difficulties while playing our AVPs and made sure the program had a very smooth flow.

    A must host for fun loving couple and those who want the best time on their big day.

    Thank you Eri, worth every penny, beyond all my expectations ?

    1. Rica, it’s messages like these that make me proud and happy to do what I do. Thank you. I feel the sincerity in these words. Thank you.

      All the best to you two. ?

  10. Eri! Eri! Eri! Oh my! What is not to like about this guy. #1 he will make any event or party very funny and lively.? #2 he is creative and very spontaneous #3 he is sooo sulit to the max.??? thank you for hosting our wedding Eri and we look forward in having you once more in our family events and gatherings. You made our day extra special and nonetheless so memorable. Keep it up and see you soon!❤️

  11. Our wedding was a blast and Eri surely was a big reason for it. There was never a dull moment because of his witty antics. The program flow was spontaneous and his fun lines was definitely icing on the cake. We’d totally hire this guy on our 50th wedding anniversary.

  12. Eri The IncrERIdible. Haha! I owe Eri a big hug for making our wedding a blast. You might be wondering what’s the hype with this wedding host. Just like other couples here, we decided on getting Eri solely based on online reviews by his previous clients.

    So, days and weeks after our wedding, my friends and relatives were still talking how they thought our wedding was one of the best weddings they have attended. My husband and I attended a wedding with the same group of people and they were pointing out areas where my host did way better than this ‘popular’ guy who hosted our friend’s wedding. (We both booked the best suppliers in the industry, from coordinators, to photo and video and catering but guests still noticed the difference) They were all amazed how our host (Eri) made our wedding reception so much fun from start to end. He is WORTH IT. Woooorth it. Invest in a host as talented and (if there’s one better than Eri, which I doubt) HANDSOME as this guy.

    See you on our silver wedding! LOL. THANK YOU, ERI NEEMAN! <3

    1. Ohhhh man…. This is too much. Thank you so much Katrin. It was my pleasure and I really really appreciate the kind words. All the best, give my regards to Josh and I’ll see you both on your Silver Wedding! 😀

  13. Eri is an expert at making the fun moments funny and the ordinarily dull moments hilarious while laying back and keeping it cool during the serious and touching moments. He knows his audience, and he runs a very tight program that keeps everybody entertained! We’ve received many compliments about our wedding reception with some stating that it’s the best one they’ve attended. While there were many components that contributed to making the reception possible, we think Eri was one of the largest factors in making the event as memorable for us and our guests.

    1. Guys, it was such a pleasure hosting for you both. Thank you for having me and thank you so much for the kind words. You two have a great life. And don’t be strangers. 🙂

  14. Choosing the right host would make or break an event so we were very particular with the host we wanted to book

    We’ve heard good things about Eri from our friends and wedding coordinator so we took a chance and met with him and after our first conversation, we knew he was the right guy for the job.

    Professional, witty, humorous but classy.

    Eri was a great host, he knew how to charm the crowd and knew what would work for both our young and old guests 🙂

    He has a great feel of the crowd and can adjust his tone, mood, and humor. He’s very friendly and he was very helpful in the planning stages of our wedding specifically for the program flow. Everyone commented how happy they were with our reception 🙂

    Aries&Cristina Rodil
    September 3, 2016

    1. It was a pleasure guys. Thank you again for having me and regards to both your wonderful families. I had a great time. 🙂

  15. Eri is beyond spectacular. The guests were raving about him and they were so entertained with his wit and humor! Our program had technical glitches but Eri handled it quite phenomenal like no one noticed there was a malfunction! Outstanding job. His own special game as well made it more amusing and enjoyable. Epic lang! We have no hesitation in recommending you to everyone. You are by far the most amusing host we have ever seen and everyone at the wedding thought so as well. We really could not have done it without you. Maraming Salamat Eri! – Nadz and Nel

    1. This is such kind feedback you guys. Thank you. One of the best games I’ve had for a reception. 😄

      All the best to you two. 😊

  16. Choosing Eri as our host is the best decision we made for our wedding. As expected he made everyone happy, all of our guest were laughing from the time he started holding the mic until the program ended. I can say all of us were really entertained and there was never a dull moment with him. I have attended so many weddings and seen so many hosts, but you are phenomenal, no one hosted the program as great as you did. You are simply the best with an amazing talent and really a wonderful person not just on stage but also in person, no wonder why God blesses you so much. Congratulations to you also in advance. Thank you for being part of our perfect wedding and we could not wish for more.

    1. Thank you so much Carlo. These are heartfelt words and it really made my day reading this. Regards to the wife and you two have the great life I know you both will have. 🙂

  17. Nothing against Eri Neeman here. But I have to be honest. I and my wife were both very disappointed with Eri as our host. Our wedding reception was on Oct 2, 2016 lunch time at Century Park Hotel. Eri came in late by 30 mins keeping our guest waiting and hungry. He did not even read the reception program given to him by our coordinator. Eri has to ask us which guests came from abroad despite all the names of the guests who came from abroad are already in the paper he is holding. We cannot believe what is happening. He seems to be not the Eri Neeman that everyone described as the best wedding host. After we table-hop for picture taking, there is a 30-minute dull moment. My mom has to ask me what program is next and why is the host just sitting there and texting all the time?

    Before the wedding, we only had one meeting and Eri double-booked us with another couple. So our 1 hour meeting becomes 30 mins. And that’s it. He never get to really know us. The game in the reception is fun though. And Eri posted in Facebook that he was sick that day with flu. I don’t know about this. But this cannot be an excuse for coming late. Eri also gave us P2500 discount due to arriving late, maybe as an apology. But overall, we are still not happy with his hosting service.

    I’m sorry Eri. I have to post this. I don’t really know what’s wrong with you on our wedding day. Of course we did not let you ruin our day. I wish you good luck and I believe you can do better than this.

    1. Hello Dan,

      I am very sorry that I disappointed you both. I agree, the Flu is no excuse for not delivering and I definitely was not my best that day. I am so sorry I disappointed you both.

      But I really wish you both contacted me directly for this. I know it’s your right, but I feel things could’ve gone better if we settled this in private.

      Because I’m left to defend myself if you go public and I do not have the opportunity to clear things up and you do not have the opportunity to ask questions on the other factors that could’ve caused what happened on your wedding day.

      My mistake was being late yes, double-booking on our meeting and not delivering 100%. That is completely my fault.

      But your post over my YouTube page and this page as well was leaning towards the unfair side and you said things that were not true.

      • You said there that it was my fault that people didn’t eat, when your coordinator over our private conversations which happened after you posted the comment, said the main reason was the lack of waiters.

      • You insinuated that it was my fault that there was a dull-moment after your table-hopping. But resuming the program after lunch was not my call to make. It is always the coordinators. And your coordinator cleared it up during our private exchanges, she said, she decided to give extra time so that your guests can eat since there was a delay in serving the food because of the lack of waiters and also because the rounds of pictures ended 25-30min early and not the expected 45min.

      • I did read your program. I simply missed the part where your guests from abroad were. That was my fault. I tried to save it by going to you both to ask which would at least make it more like personal thanks to these guests instead of going to the coordinator which would highlight my error even more. It was an honest mistake, but that could’ve been avoided if I didn’t show up late. I am sorry.

      So many things could’ve been cleared up if we did this privately. You had my number and email and a whole month to get in touch before you chose to go public.

      I’m left having to defend myself and my reputation publicly and you and your wife are now left not completely appeased with what happened.

      Just to end this Dan. What you feel is completely valid. I fell short of your expectations. That is true.

      I know the root of your words (even if some were not fair) are coming from a place where you just felt disappointed and bad about your special day.

      I am so sorry for that.

      Especially when you see all the good comments from other couples, you feel cut short of what was suppose to be given to you. I know that probably made you both feel worse.

      I just wish you went about this differently. I would have loved to have lunch or even an online conference with your coordinator, so we can all discuss things objectively. So we could’ve better understood. So we can hear both sides of the story.

      I was left having to defend myself first instead of trying to appease you both with your disappointment.

      When you post publicly, you involve a person’s credibility and reputation. Which is why you have to state complete facts and clear out what could’ve caused what disappointed you.

      A professional’s livelihood that supports his loved ones is on the line when you go public. So it is very important to take careful consideration.

      If you went about this privately, then I would’ve gladly given you the rate you felt I deserved that day and would’ve reimbursed anything over that.

      But here we are, and all I can say now, is I am very sorry. In the future, if you still feel like letting things out, then please contact me. You have my number.

      To all couples that read this, if I ever fall short of your expectations should you decide to book me, it is your complete right to post whatever you want publicly, but I humbly urge you to tell me right away and settle things in private.

      I will do my best to make it up to you both for falling short.

      But I promise to give the best of my ability to make sure that would never happen. More so, after I have disappointed this couple who have aired their grievances.

      It will serve as a solid reminder.

      Again Dan, I’m very sorry and I wish you both a happy life.

  18. Very classy. Very professional. Very entertaining. He is really one of the best wedding hosts in the country, no doubt about that. Love his voice! He really knows his job as an emcee. Our guests had fun. The wedding program finished in less than two hours, no one got bored listening to him. His comments during the entrance of entourage were really funny. Our singles game was simple, yet fun. There has been technical problem with the microphone, yet he still kept going and he did an excellent job. We barely noticed that he’s pissed off or disappointed with the mic. His fee is not cheap, but it was totally worth it. I hope to see him again in the future. (October 29, 2016 wedding)

    1. Hello Karis,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. You both handled the technical mishaps with grace and class which is also one of the reasons the event ended as a success, even with the technical hurdles.

      You also had a wonderful set of guests who were just there to celebrate with you both no matter what.

      Thank you guys for sharing a very special moment in your life with me. Regards to the husband and I wish you both a happy life. 🙂

  19. This is an embarrassingly late post, and I would like to apologize to Eri for our late feedback… because he deserves better. Ladies, this guy right here is THE TRUTH, and if you’re looking for the perfect host for your big day, I can’t recommend better!

    He hosted the wedding of me and my wife Cecile at Alabang Country Club last October 15th… I had a good feeling about him from the start, as he came across as a friendly and approachable guy from the jump. On the day itself, he was super charming and relaxed, keeping the audience happy from start to finish. The best part was, despite many little screw ups on the part of our events team, he managed to smoothly ad-lib his way through everything and save our wedding.

    Much love Eri! Good luck to you and Chewy! – John and Cecile

    1. Hey John! Thank you for this man. You guys are awesome and I hope everything is well. Oh and I got a PS PRO! Couldn’t wait for the PC version of FFXV. 😄

      Regards to the wife and all the best. 🙂

  20. Now on our honeymoon and we’re still on our wedding high because this guy gave us a crazy fun memorable night! Just how we wanted our reception to go. We we’re bride and groom chilla because Eri took charge as party general. Up to now, some guests keep asking if Eri was one of the cousins because of how he fit perfectly with the family. To think we only met the guy a week prior to our wedding!

    Eri, you are a gem and a party savior. Meeting you for the first time was as natural as meeting up with an old friend. We’re stealing your baby’s name man! We love you and thank the gods for your gift of party!

    Best wishes to your new family Bai!

    Kurt & Nikki

    1. No don’t steal the name! We better make a girl quick then. 😄

      I couldn’t agree more with our first meeting and that made it so easy to just connect with the rest of your awesome family & friends.

      Thank you guys. 🙂

      And fine, we can share the name. 😊

  21. This guy (smh).

    All we can say is that this guy is AMAZING! For our wedding reception, we wanted everyone to have fun since they all took the time to travel to the reception, and this guy DELIVERED big time.

    We loved everything about his performance. He was respectful and courteous at the parts of the program when he needed to be and just let loose and went all out for the other parts. His way of introducing the entourage is brilliant, he slayed the game (again bato-bato-pick and pom-piyang will never be the same ever again), and he brought it home at the end to set everyone up for an awesome after party.

    This guy is a pro and is absolutely worth it.

    We wish you and your family all the best, Eri!

    – Angel & Camille

    1. Guys… Thank you for this. 😊

      I had the best time and your family & friends were so much fun.

      Great energy that night. All the best to you two. 🙂

  22. We booked Eri a year before our wedding (that’s how in demand he is). We wanted our wedding to be filled with laughter’s, a wedding where in all our guest will enjoy and have fun aside from being of course a memorable one.

    On our first meeting with Eri and Joed, our lunch was filled with just laughter, it feels like you are meeting an old friend and he then predicted that our wedding will be fun and looking forward to it. Our Wedding day came (12-21-16), and what he predicted happened. It was a day full of memorable memories, a one of a kind where he also did not see it coming (MARVIN GAYE will not just be a song to me), all our guest had so much fun. There was never a dull moment that day.

    Eri is not just an ordinary host/emcee, he is a GREAT host and a wedding or any event must have!!

    Thank you soo much and We love you ERI!! Congratulations again for a new blessing and a your bundle of joy that will come soon…

    Rizzah & Julius 😉

  23. One of the best decision we made for our wedding was booking Eri. Got referred to by a friend and we searched Eri online, viewed his talent on YouTube. He responded right away and booking him was no hassle.

    Eri can work and adapt to the couple. Smart, very talented, spontaneous and funny and he can truly carry, liven the night making it a memorable one. Me and my now wife would recommend Eri Neeman as your host whether for your wedding, anniversaries, events or parties.

    No doubt he was voted as best wedding host in the Philippines this year, undisputed!

    You’re the Best! Our Game “Love at First Flight!” was unique, so funny and enjoyed by our guest. Thanks heaps!

    Edu and Celine Soliman

  24. Eri was just amazing! I’m pretty sure everyone at the reception loved him as we did. He woos the crowd with utter ease like a snake charmer with his flute. There was never a dull moment with him as he transitioned from one segment of the wedding to the next. We especially enjoyed when he brought up the “Marvin Gaye” moment game where he included many of our beloved guests to participate in. Overall, Eri was the perfect man for the job and we could not have asked for a better master of ceremonies.

    With love,
    Kristian and Roxy Olarte

  25. We Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping us make our special day so amazing and smooth!
    You really are the best in the business and knowing that you were on top of everything for us, made us feel so relaxed and comfortable.
    It truly was the perfect day for us and we can’t thank you enough for being our host at our reception!! You were a part of our special day and we will never forget that!

    We wish you the very best and keep doing what you are really brilliant at.

    Also, Wishing you and your wife all the best of luck with the birth of your baby!

    Much Love,
    Det & Jc Fuentes

  26. He’s the best at his craft!

    This guy is so energetic! He’s cool and really knows what he’s doing! Oh man! Our wedding reception was a blast! Our guests kept on telling us they really enjoyed the party!
    He’s funny, elegant and witty!

    My sister who referred Eri to us, was still wishing they had Eri as they’re emcee on there wedding! Definitely recommended and worth it!

    Let me highlight that Eri is one of the nicest guy we’ve met! Thank you so much! God bless you! And we pray that Rider we’ll be a handsome and healthy baby boy!

    Jed and Ellaine

  27. During and after the wedding, people were asking how we knew Eri. He was so good at connecting with us and the guests that they all thought he was an old friend! There were no bumps in the programme and everyone had a fun night thanks to him!

    Eri is very professional as well. He replies immediately and is straightforward with everything. We had a meeting with him prior to discuss the programme flow and that went well despite us rescheduling a couple of times. No wonder he is at the top of his field!

    Eri, thanks for hosting our wedding! Everyone had fun!!

    Rod and Corrine
    February 4, 2017 – Narra Hill Tagaytay

  28. Eri hosted our wedding in Boracay on Feb. 25, 2017.

    What’s so great about Eri is his hosting all comes naturally to him. There are no forced jokes, weird pauses, or anything of the sort. He just immediately livens up the mood of the crowd and is able to make everyone feel involved.

    He’s incredibly professional and very easy to talk to. He replies fast and is very willing to meet with you and discuss how you want your event to go.

    Eri, I wish you, your wife, and Ryder a great life ahead. Though my comment is just a speck in a sea of awesome feedback here on your page, I hope it will bring you a lot of success!


  29. Thank you so much Eri!! You were one of the suppliers who really exceeded our expectations! You put the Game on when and the crowd pumping! It was such an awesome experience!! My hubby and I are very happy!!! Wish we could get married again, and no doubt you would still be our host ❤️

  30. During a wedding there are a lot of things going on. From the catering, sitting guests in the proper seat arrangements, taking mandatory group pictures, reception rituals like cutting of the cake and speeches, and topping it off with a huge dance party. Time management is a significant factor during a wedding reception to ensure all of these activities are accomplished within the venue’s schedule. But most importantly maintaining a party energy and atmosphere throughout the entire reception is absolutely essential.

    At concerts the hype man or DJ sets the tone and pace of the party while managing the crowd. And a wedding is like an amazing, once in a lifetime concert with your friends and family. The headlining act is the bride and groom and they definitely deserve a great hype man. They need a Flavor Flav. Eri was the emcee for our wedding, our Flavor Flav, but he awesomely did so much more. Not only did he manage our reception schedule efficiently without any lulls or rushing, he kept our guests excited and involved the entire time. Our reception did not feel congested or delayed due to Eri’s entertaining transitions and segues, which created a seamless flow to the reception from one activity to the next. His humorous commentary kept our guests entertained. But he also understood when to step back and let the significant moments shine for themselves uninterrupted, like the Bride and Father dance.

    One of the memorable moments were a couple of games with some guests as participants that Eri incorporated into our reception.This is where Eri’s talents were on full display as he managed and officiated the games. He brought the best out of the participants and got our entire crowd involved. The games felt like a hilarious stand-up comedy or improv routine and our guests were the supporting actors, making it even more special.

    Overall, Eri is hilarious but not overbearing, conscious of event pacing and flow, possesses uncanny interpersonal skills, and maintains professionalism and respect. Without any doubt Eri brought the party to our reception with a certain level of class and helped create a memorable wedding that we and our guests will never forget.

    Ryan and Katrina

  31. Choosing april 1 for our wedding is well..umm a bit extraordinary..and we really wanted it to be fun and when we knew about eri neeman and saw his previous hosting events we knew immediately that he was the perfect fit for our dream wedding. And he executed an excellent job! He was very professional and at he same time a fun host. From the introduction of our entourage down to the game (awesome fun game!) Even after the wedding we got so many good feedbacks and stories from our wedding and it would not have been as fun if it wasnt for eri. We will always be thankful for him for making our wedding not just memorable but also awesomely fun.

    Thank you so much Eri!!

    Very thankful,
    Drs. Miko & Mariz

  32. Eri Neeman was EXTREMELY entertaining! From the first time we met regarding the program, he had so many weird and fun ideas for the program. From the hard core dance battle of the team groom vs team bride to the sexy fun marvin gaye game. He kept the crowd alive during the whole reception and that made our wedding all that more special. We would recommend the great “boy backup” for all of our friends’ wedding.

    Thank you again Eri for making our wedding one of a kind! 😍

    All the love,

    Paul and Guia Manuel

  33. We could not have anyone better than Eri to host our wedding reception. From his first phone call, I knew that he is a professional and an enjoyable emcee. Eri was brilliant from start to finish. His sincerity trump his humor and just took everyone through a fun night.

    Eri, Thank you for the memories that we and our guests will treasure for the rest of our lives.

    Sherman and Em
    April 30, 2017

  34. Eri can turnaround any awkward situation. Everyone went home very happy and entertained. Thank you very much, Eri for making our wedding reception a memorable one!
    Ryan and Ann
    May 07 2017

  35. We understood the importance of the Emcee role to a reception program, they can be the difference between an OK program and a great program. They need to ensure the smooth transition of the different segments together, at the same time keeping the audience engaged while maintaining the energy of the room. From our research Eri was the best in the business, and he certainly delivered on our night!

    After setting up the initial meeting with us, where we chatted and went through the program, we knew we were in safe hands, and it was one less thing to worry about on the day. Eri has a relaxed laid back style, letting the program flow. But at the same time he’s the upmost professional in his craft, ensuring that segments don’t overrun and the momentum of the night is maintained. With his comedy background, on many occasions he had the audience in howls of laughter with his witty one-liners, and that Marvin Gaye game 😉
    We had nothing but glowing feedback from our friends and families, who had such fun throughout.
    Thank you Eri for making our celebration fun and memorable! We’re forever grateful!

  36. NOTE: This message is long overdue!
    I’m so sorry, I must’ve forgotten to post here in the thick of things. But here goes:

    Ah, they dont call you “Master of Ceremonies” for nothing! Thank you for being the absolute best host we could ever have hoped for. You filled that room with laughter and everyone loved you. There was no dead air whatsoever when you spoke. But what I am ultimately thankful for are your ad lib commentaries and segues to appease some awkward situations. It takes a real pro to do that! I wish you the best in your married life and congratulations on your baby boy!

    Thanks so much Eri!

  37. His professionalism, bubbly personality plus his expertise in hosting will make your event alive and memorable.

    The name ERI, depending on its origin, has a lot of meaning such as “my guardian” and “blessed with reason” BUT for us, Eri means ” The BEST”…. THE BEST HOST EVER.

    Thank you very much Eri for making our wedding day memorable!

    Victor and Christine
    May 20, 2017

  38. Eri was one of the first few suppliers we have booked for our wedding (more than a year before the big day), as we cannot imagine any other host for us. He is very talented, experienced and his ability to roll with the punches is very commendable. We all know things in the program flow wouldn’t always go as planned, but trust on Eri to turn things around and make something beautiful (and not to mention funny) out of anything.

    Both of us are based overseas, so it is a big plus that Eri and Jessica are always there to answer our emails right away for any wedding-related query we may have. Not once did we feel alone in crafting the best program possible for us and our guests. Eri even offered to Skype with us or meet us once we’re in Manila, so he can get to know us and our quirks as a couple. We were amazed on how much heart he put into the program. We scrapped some wedding traditions and he welcomed our new ideas enthusiastically; ensuring that transitions will always be smooth as we jump from one part of the program to another. He also suggested great games for us that all 220 guests participated in. No kidding! From the kids to seniors, Eri has engaged all of them to join in the fun. Walang napilitan, lahat nag-enjoy lang.

    He also came in early, prepared, complete with background music for his games in tow. We ended the wedding on a high note and Eri gained instant fans, with our guests wanting to take photos with him.

    But our admiration and appreciation of Eri did not end there, we unknowingly overpaid him, and he communicated with us and our coordinators as he insisted to give us back the amount.

    We certainly made the right choice with Eri Neeman! You will too if you book him as your main man of your wedding reception.

    Ryan & Angelique Abella
    June 17, 2017
    The Hills At Silang

  39. Me and my husband were both based abroad. And we have been living in the Middle East for more than a decade. So now preparing for our wedding was a challenge. We are not updated of the latest trends for wedding. I didn’t pay much attention on the importance of a wedding host. Our wedding was set on June 18 but it is only on April 1 that I manage to book a wedding host. After looking on to google for top host suppliers I came across Eri Neeman, reading all the good reviews about him. I immediately booked him, praying that he is still available. To our luck he is still available😊😍 But then another challenge came since we have limited time in the Philippines it was only last 14 June that we had a meeting with him. Prior to June 14 I was worried since we have not met him yet. But come June 14, our meeting day. He facilitated well our meeting he presented to us the program flow, he suggested games that would bring fun to our reception. He reassured me that he can handle the event though it was presented to him only a day before (that is not to brag) but he is really on top of his craft. He discussed his suggested program flow for our wedding confidently and I was instantly at peace, I know we are in good hands. We told him that we wanted a happy vibe on our wedding reception and he delivered it well. Come wedding day it was very lively because of Eri from his introduction of entourage to presenting our wedding cake, facilitating the games which made our guests excited the entire program. His Bato bato pik game was a hit, I thought it will be chaotic since every guest will be participating but it was executed well by Eri everyone was giggling with excitement during the game.

    I can only say praises about Eri’s hosting style. He is a pro. He gives life to the entire reception program.

    I would highly recommend Eri for couples preparing for their wedding, you would not regret hiring him.😊

    Don and Mary Jane Regala

  40. We have nothing but praises for Eri Neeman. All our guests loved him! His Bato Bato Pick Battle Royale game was a big hit, and we received tons of compliments on our reception program. He is wiity, funny and classy at the same time. We couldn’t have asked for a better emcee!

    A heartfelt thank you, Eri!!! You are a godsend!

    Justine & Kurt
    June 24, 2017
    Manila Polo Club

  41. I first met Eri when he hosted the debut party of my niece, and right then I wanted him to host our wedding reception. Luckily, my husband shared the same sentiment upon meeting him.

    When we were looking for a wedding host I have very few but specific requirements, he/she must speak english well, correct grammar and proper pronunciation. I know my friends to well, they would cringe indiscreetly, hahaha.

    To Eri, thank you! You went above and beyond our expectations. You made our wedding reception so much fun. Our guests loved you! Even the oldies were very much amused. One of our friends even told us that you are by far the best wedding host he encountered 🙂 Thank you because honestly we didn’t worry at all about the program. We were too confident that you can handle it and we were right abou that 🙂

    Sometimes I catch Ivo snickering and I would ask why and he’ll say he just remembered one of your witty lines during the program or the swagger video you showed him, hahaha! Yes, you have that kind of effect on people and we are sure you are one of the reasons why our guests will remember our weddding.

    Again, thank you!!

  42. Eri is the perfect balance between comedy and class. Getting him was easily one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. He suggested a lot of things that improved the flow and whole feel of the program; from the song selection, down to games.

    His greatest strength is making guests feel comfortable. All guests we talked to were praising the energy he gave to the program. We knew he was going to be a great emcee but he shattered all expectations.

    He was very professional yet felt like a friend you’ve known for a while. Keep doing what you’re doing bro. You’re the best at what you do.

  43. Having Eri as our host gave a different flavor to our wedding reception. He turned the traditional program to a super lively evening with a well-thought-of-flow that surely leaves a mark with the guests. By the time the night ended, they were all raving at the new take we had on a usually conventional agenda. Eri was very involved in finalizing the reception details, each segment has a significant meaning and placed strategically to create a cohesive program. His inputs is not only focused on how he will carry out his hosting but on the totality of the event and how all suppliers collaborate to present a strong and memorable reception. Thanks Eri, it was indeed a night to remember!

  44. Being out of the Philippines for most of the wedding planning and having our wedding in Zamboanga City was not the easiest situation to be in for planning a wedding. Choosing the perfect wedding host for what we envisioned was one of my major dilemmas. We wanted someone who was a mix of fun, entertaining, classy, and would be able to connect with the mix of guests that we had.

    Once I found out (after months of scouring the internet) that Eri was doing wedding hosting, I pretty much had made my decision (I had seen him perform previously with an improv group and enjoyed his performances very much). I had only met with Eri once and exchanged just a couple of e-mails with him in between, but somehow I wasn’t really worried about him being able to deliver…I just knew. Needless to say, he did not disappoint.

    Eri’s really chill and easy to deal with. As a host, he easily got the crowd to warm up to him, and while he was indeed entertaining, he still managed to make the event about us and our guests.

    Thanks so much for being a part of making our wedding the wedding of my dreams!

  45. Eri Neeman, you’re awesome! 🙂 You had the crowd engaged all throughout the reception – from the entrance of the sponsors to the Bato Bato Pick Battle Royale game! 🙂 I had so much fun and I didn’t feel any dull moment; I was even barefoot the whole time, dancing and singing! 🙂 THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
    #ERverAfter #EmRioursForever #HaliliNaSiEmmy

    Until the next wedding, my sister-in-law’s! We’ll probably pay for it to make sure she’ll get you booked on time! 😀

  46. My wife Nicole and I just had our wedding in the Philippines. Most of her family was able to attend, and hardly any of mine, being from the states. We were a little worried the reception was going to be a bust, and that people would be anxious to leave. With Eri Neeman that was certainly NOT the case! The pace of the reception was so smooth and the energy was always up.

    When we sat down to meet with him, we told him a bit about ourselves and how much we love movies. Just going off this small bit of information, Eri created an entire game revolving around movie quotes and clips for people to get involved in at the reception. Everyone had a blast with it, and it was a great icebreaker for the reception.

    There was even a point in the reception that my wife and I decided to change into clothes more fit for dancing. We were out of the room for about 8 minutes and during that time Eri kept all the guests involved and never dropped a beat. After the reception all of our guests were raving about how great and fun the reception was. We had booked the venue until 4 in the afternoon, but everyone was having so much fun dancing and talking we accidentally ran over by and hour and a half. We completely lost track of time, we were having so much fun!

    Eri really saved our reception. I’m sure with any other host our reception would not have been as energetic and flowed as smooth as with Eri. Thanks for everything Man, we had a blast!

  47. Choosing Eri Neeman to host our wedding was the best decision. Being based overseas, It was really tough to choose one. As an avid gamer, I have been following Eri’s gaming events and wanted his art on my wedding day. He made our wedding funny, upbeat, engaging and all our guests loved him. He is a genius in his craft. His passion and creativity is truly one of a kind. Eri can make even the shyest guest perform well. Heck one member of the entourage didnt even do anything while walking and yet they still looked like superstars. Technical issues are somehwat unavoidable and Eri just seemed to brush off these technical errors and made everyone laugh while fixing it himself. My Wife and I are both very happy. Thank you so much Eri. Please send our regards to your lively wife Chewy and your precious son Ryder.

  48. We were very lucky to bump into Eri during one of the wedding expos earlier this year. To be honest, we didn’t know who he was. But since we were looking for a wedding host, we approached him, and he was really friendly, accommodating and already quite funny. While going around the expo, we did some research through Youtube, and found his videos and hosting to our liking. So we decided to go back and book him right away.

    Come wedding day, we were not disappointed. He set the tone of the wedding right from the start with his classy, yet funny approach. Not a dull moment during the night, even when there were delays and errors during the program, he would keep the guests entertained. Days after the wedding, whenever we meet our friends and relatives that attended, they would commend how great our reception was and how funny and good Eri was.

    A tip for those getting Eri to host their event/s, trust him when it comes to ice breakers and games. You won’t be disappointed. Just make sure you and your guests are “game”.

    Thank you, Eri. Looking forward to seeing you on more events and hostings.

  49. Upon meeting him the first time, we knew it was the right decision to get him as our wedding host. He was not feeling well during our meeting but that didn’t affect us much and we had a productive first meeting. He was funny, clear, straight-forward and pleasant to talk with. He helped us come up with a very concise wedding program and he made sure that there were no boring moments. All the positive reviews are right. Eri is really the best in what he does. He made our wedding reception fun and enjoyable. He is naturally funny and witty and can hype up the whole room with his perfect comedic timings but still remains classy. With his natural gift in hosting, he can make any event entertaining. It has been a month since our wedding but our guests are still raving about how they enjoyed our wedding reception until now. We’re just happy that we made the right choice. We couldn’t imagine anyone else hosting our wedding reception but Eri.

    Thank you Eri for sharing your talent and for being such a wonderful host.

  50. I met Eri during a wedding coordination and event planning seminar (where I was the only bride who attended, I think! ;p). He briefly introduced himself to the crowd — but just by hearing his short spiel, I knew right then and there that he was the perfect emcee for our wedding. I love how easy it is for Eri to captivate his audience with his spontaneity, humor, and wit. Our wedding guests were totally blown away by his talent and charm. Honestly, words are not enough to describe how awesome this guy is. Our wedding wouldn’t be as amazing without Eri as our emcee. Thanks again, Eri! Can’t wait for you to host our 10th wedding anniversary! 🙂

  51. The best host i have ever seen. Siya nagdala ng wedding namin. all the guests was so happy dahil sa kanya hindi sila nag eat and run talagang tinapos nila iyong program ng reception. Thank you so much eri. You’re the best eri. Highly recommended

  52. Eri Neeman brings a unique kind of energy to the event — in our case it’s my wedding. I believe one of his biggest strengths is his ability to improvise/convert negative situations into a positive one, which I definitely can say is not an easy task. He has a systematic way of laying out the event program which I believe covers the important parts.

    We really appreciate the wedding game he suggested to us (will not mention just in case) as it involved all guests — kids, adults, male, and female. It was a simple yet a very ‘rewarding’ game. Everyone was enjoying it!

    Work ethics-wise, he is very professional. He continues to deliver quality hosting service without losing energy along the way.

    All the best to you and your family, Eri! See you not only in wedding events, but also in other events on interests that we share. You know what I mean 🙂 Thank you very much!

  53. This guy was amazing! I cannot imagine our special day being hosted by anyone else. He was perfect! He set the mood and with 250 people he made it seem very intimate, the program was so flawless, Everything was just so great.. He is the ultimate host! Complete package! Very professional! Eri is the host you’d want in every event you attend may it be weddings, debuts, company parties etc. I’m sure he’ll always do a wonderful job.

    Thank you! Up to this day my guests still can’t stop talking about how good my host is and how simple and nice the program was. I’m pretty sure i’ll see you more Eri! 🙂 that’s hundreds of thumbs up for you! 👍🏼

  54. Details: Wedding of James and Ida Co / November 25, 2017 at Crowne Plaza Galleria
    Host: Mr. Eri Neeman

    We wanted to have a FUN wedding where everyone can participate and laugh..
    with that, I know that the Program Master / Host will play an important part to our wedding reception.

    Glad that we checked videos of other wedding events and I saw Eri’s work..
    When I saw it, I knew that Eri is the perfect host for us.

    He exceeded our expectations and made our wedding reception lively and fun.
    Our parents, relatives, friends were all praised to him.
    James and I were really happy with the feedback that we got because we made the right choice!

    We can’t thank you enough Eri… God Bless you more.

    James and I

  55. The first time I saw Eri hosting was during an e-sport event and he won me over so fast with his hosting style. The moment I found out that he also hosts for weddings, I knew that he will be the perfect host for us. We just need to have the best host for #DyBestDayEver 😁

    He made our reception program so much fun from start to end. The way he introduced our entourage was so unique that all our guests still remember it ‘til today! And the bato-bato-pick battle royale game was such a hit! Everybody in our reception loved Eri. We all have just good words for him!

    Thank you Eri for bringing so much laughter and joy in our special day. And thank you for making our wedding reception so memorable. We hope to have you again in our future events 😊 God bless you and your family!

    Gian and Kristine Dy

  56. We were very fortunate that Eri was still free to be the host of our wedding reception, considering how in demand he is. He was our first choice for our host because, based on what we’ve read and heard, he’s very entertaining and classy. We wanted our wedding reception to be elegant but also very festive, so he was our ideal host.

    Even before the wedding reception, we already knew we made the right decision. When we met with him a couple of weeks before our wedding, he clearly explained to us how an ideal reception should be and he was able to guide us in preparing a program that is uniquely ours. Suffice it to say that we became confident that our reception would be successful after that meeting.

    Eri certainly did not disappoint at our celebration. In fact, he delivered exactly what we expected: an extremely fun and classy reception. From where we were seated, we could see how Eri was able to keep our guests entertained throughout the night. We particularly appreciate it that he was very funny and witty, yet also very diplomatic. It looked to us like he had a sense of how the people in the audience felt so he was able to throw jokes at the right time without offending anyone. After the reception, a lot of our guests actually complimented us for the fun celebration.

    Thank you again and more power to you, Eri. You are a pro. We’ll definitely recommend you to our friends.

    – Karl and Apple (01 December 2017)

  57. Our wedding will not be as successful and memorable if Eri was not our host. Never in my life have I seen all wedding guests eager to join the game and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s been 6 months since our wedding but we still get inquires and praises about it because of Eri.

    Thank you Eri because you are one of the reasons why our wedding will be one of a kind. More power to you!

    – Allan and Susana (June 11, 2017, The Mango Farm)

  58. Where do I even begin. Planning my wedding was a big challenge because of the crazy amount of guests and the mix of audiences – from balikbayans to our next door neighbors, to foreigners and the local priests. I knew that managing our crowd would be tricky, but having spotted this person shaking hands from his booth at the SMX fair last year, I knew this was the guy who could manage the very diverse crowd that we had. He was the first supplier I was 100% sure I’d book.

    I had some people tell me, “your host is my hero”.

    “Best host over”

    I couldn’t agree more. His wit and humour and sensitivity to the crowd is what we needed and he executed it so well. Mind you, we had 450 people. Not only did he help design the program, but he did some trouble shooting on the spot when he felt that the energy was dropping just a bit. He entertained, gave us an excellent entrance, made the audience laugh, and highlighted the moments that were emotional, and carried the night on a very high note.

    We ended with a bang.

    Thank you Eri.

    – The O’s.
    December 29, 2017

  59. We will never forget what Eri told us during our initial meeting. We asked him if he wanted to ask questions about us, as a couple. Eri said that “I don’t deserve to tell your story. My work is to introduce the guys who do.” It was such an honest and authentic answer that I knew right there and then that we booked the right host. The night was fun and as Eri promised, authentic. Our story was told by people who really know us and Eri was always there to step in as soon as he needs to get people excited again!

    Thank you so much, Eri! We wish you more events to come and more opportunities to make memories more memorable for other couples, families and friends.

  60. Eri was one of the first wedding suppliers that we booked. We only saw two short sample videos on YouTube of Eri’s hosting but it was more than enough for us to decide on getting him as our wedding host. We booked him even without meeting him. We knew how important it was to get a really good host. Our wedding was on a Sunday night, in Tagaytay, with most of our guests being doctors and lawyers. We needed a host who can make our guests want to stay and enjoy the program. Somehow, we knew Eri was the right one. And he was. He was able to connect with our guests, both young and old, and made them feel at ease. He was very entertaining, witty and funny. He made a simple game of rock-paper-scissors (bato bato pick) very exciting. In fact, it was one of the most fun parts of the program. Eri knew how to set the mood of the program. During our meeting two weeks before the wedding, we wanted to remove some of the usual parts of the program like the first dance, the father/daughter and mother/son dance, and the speech of the parents. But Eri suggested we include them because they would be the touching/emotional parts of the program. And we’re glad that we listened to Eri. I think I was crying half of the time during the program.😊 My husband and I are truly grateful to Eri for keeping all of us entertained and for making our reception program smooth, fun and memorable.😊

    -Niko and Caris
    February 4, 2018

  61. Big fan of the man even during his boy-backup days. Eri gave us everything we and more. He is funny, witty, and engaging. It was also a big-plus that he knew his video-games (Final Fantasy to be specific) and he incorporated those elements in our theme-specific wedding. The man is a pro.

    Ian and Karen Layno

  62. Eri Neeman, #1 in Top 10 Hosts in the Philippines. Hearing this would make your expectations really high and Eri didn’t fail to deliver. He truly deserve the title.

    We had him as our wedding host, he brought good ideas to the table during the planning stage. He’s excellent and was able to please both Filipino and British guests – young and old. He had the evening running smoothly. Eri can make the people roar with laughter when needed to be. He throws appropriate comments to set the right mood and tap the emotions of the guests. Everyone had a brilliant time!

    Thank you Eri, you’re one of the reasons why our wedding turned out amazing! All the best!

    Toby and Dana Andersen

  63. Eri, you are awesome! We wanted to extend to you an enormous THANK YOU for being an amazing host on our wedding day. We only had the pleasure of meeting you once and yet you creatively captured everything we wanted! It was perfect! The service we received was phenomenal and we are beyond grateful! Our guests, including the kids, really enjoyed the game you planned and had heaps of fun as a result. Thank you for making our day extra special. We will delightedly recommend your services to anyone who would be looking for a wedding host as we absolutely could not be more pleased by your help and thoughtfulness.

    Sincerest thanks,
    Kevin and Berron

  64. We couldn’t have asked for a better host than Eri. This guy is as funny as they come. He was very professional and entertaining all throughout the wedding program. Our guests had a blast with his bato-bato pick battle royale game and was a super cool mediator for me and my wife’s rap battle. It was an enjoyable night for everyone and we’d like to thank him for facilitating the fun vibe we were hoping to have. We’re glad we booked him and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our wedding.

    Cheers man and more power to you! 🙂

    All the best,
    Jeuz & AJ

  65. Eri was amazing as our host! He was able to help us with the program so much and he was a great help on the day, I was a bit anxious with the reception and he was there to make sure I knew everything was OK. When he was needed to stretch out sections of the proceedings, he was amazing and professional and kept all of our guests entertained and laughing. If you have younger guests, they’ll also be amazed that you have a DOTA e-sports hosts! We could not thank him enough for his work and recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.

  66. Eri was the perfect host for our wedding! There were absolutely no dull moments. He was very wity and everyone was entertained by the bato bato pik game. Thank you Eri!

  67. For couples who are looking for the perfect wedding host, Eri is the best guy to do the job! He was our one and only option to host our reception that’s why we were really hopeful then that he’s still available on our date.
    During our first meeting, we clicked and after that we knew everything will be taken care of. True enough, he delivered way beyond our expectation.
    Our guests kept telling us how he was so good and funny at the same time. One of them even told us that “Ang pogi na ang galing pa mag host!” 😜
    Even our relatives from the US enjoyed the Bato-Bato pick game and have stressed out how it was executed excellently!
    We will be forever grateful to him for making it a super amazing night! That was exactly how I pictured everything 😊

    All the best,
    Angelica & Alfie

  68. Choosing Eri Neeman as our wedding host is one of the best decision I have ever made for our wedding. I truly believe that the host of the wedding is just as much of an important investment as the photographers and videographers. They bring life to the party and they can really make or break it. We are an overseas couple and do not know anyone that can recommend a host. I relied on watching youtube videos of wedding hosts in the Philippines. Out of 15 hosts, I chose Eri because of his bright and upbeat attitude. He created a video of his suggested timeline and I knew in my heart that Eri cares about the couples special night.

    I felt at ease on our first meeting. He was very bubbly and nice just as I expected. Punctual and has a very pleasing personality. No wonder he is so popular. Did I mention that he is ridiculously funny?! We are not the typical party type of family and are mostly shy and he promised me that everyone will dance and will have a good time.He sure lived up to his promise.

    My guests were raving about him — and was sad to hear he is married- LOL. They all said how good looking he is. VERY gwapo! He is just an amazing person overall. His hosting style is so effortless.

    Our wedding reception turned out the way we had hoped for and more. Lively, fun and just unforgettable all in all. I HIGHLY recommend him. You will not regret it I promise you!!!

    Thank you Eri!! You are truly amazing!

    1. Eri was amazing as our host. He wasn’t our first choice but he waswthew best choice out of all. Our wedding became a fun and light wedding we wanted because of eri.

      Right off the bat, in our first meeting, he was able to improve our program. He helped us make our games fun keeping in mind the attention of the audience.

      During the reception he was able to manage the flow of the program even though there were many unplanned occurrences.

      Looking back, if we only attended a wedding where he was the host, Eri would have been our first choice. You will not regret getting Eri. He is geniunely nice person and awesome host.

      Eri, thank you for being part of the most important moment of our lives
      Carl & Trisha

  69. To all the couples who have been commenting such kind and amazing words. Thank you thank you so much. Every comment posted made my day. I’m just so glad you guys are happy.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. I appreciate it so much.

    It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of your special day. My warmest regards to all of you. 🙂

  70. Eri is a blessing! Booking him as our host is Really one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our program finished a lot later than planned (due to miscommunications of our Coords) , but He knows how to keep the audience entertained. All our guests loved him! Highly recommended!
    THANKYOU ERI! You’re the BEST!
    — Sam & Dina 🙂

  71. Could not have chosen anyone better than Eri to host our wedding!

    Moving our wedding due to the Boracay shutdown meant a lot of last minute changes just weeks out from our wedding. Despite the wedding date being brought forward and change in location to a secluded island in El Nido, Eri kept us at ease assuring he would still travel to be there for us!

    His easy charm, professionalism and witty commentary helped set the mood for an amazing evening. The night flowed effortlessly and Eri was always so attentive and thoughtful to what we needed throughout the night.

    Eri, you’re the best! Thanks for making our wedding celebration that much more special!

    Tina & Mike
    May 7, 2018
    El Nido Resorts Apulit Island

  72. Eri is indeed is a blessing! Thank you so much for making our wedding amazing and fun! All our guest enjoyed your hosting especially us. It couldn’t be perfect if it wasn’t you hosting our day. You should book Written on your wedding day! Highly recommended. ☺️ Great job, Eri! You really rock hosting!

    Jeuz & Aileen ❤️
    June 2, 2018

  73. Eri is a true master to his craft as a host! He connected with guests(local and foreign) from the start of the program and maintained that all throught out the day. He’s like that one friend we all had that is the life of the party, when the vibe is “just starting” to dip he brings it back to life. We wanted a light/happy vibe during the reception and indeed expectations met reality with eri. Our program took longer than expected but eri was very professional on handling it. All good marks we can only share with eri 🙂 Lastly, all of our guests especially from HK and US had shared how much they enjoyed the host.

    Louis & Hannah
    June 2,2018

  74. Let me start off by thanking Eri again for an amazing job during our wedding! He exceeded every “already high” expectations we had. It is said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And two weeks after our wedding, those that celebrated with us are still raving about how much fun they had…we all agree that it was in large part due to how Eri handled the reception. He was fun, sharp, funny, quick witted and always had an accurate pulse of the moods of the guests. He made everyone feel comfortable and set the tone for the fun mood people had. Unbeknownst to the guests, Eri was very active behind the scenes during the reception. He kept an eye on the lighting, volume of sound, temperature of our venue, timing of activities and would step in and take charge when needed.
    Eri is genuine and natural in his ways. Everyone thought he was a friend of ours we asked to host…. we honestly think he is perhaps the best out there!

    Leanne & Yael
    June 2018

  75. We wanted to make sure that everyone would have a blast…so we got Eri. 👌😊 When my bestfriend got married in February 2017, he was the host and my friends and I had such a great time. That time I didn’t know yet if I was gonna get married haha but I already told myself that I would get him…if ever. 😀 Several months after I got engaged…and Eri was the very first supplier that I emailed…and booked. I never had second thoughts. Thank goodness he was still available!!! 😎 HE IS THE BEST. We received a lot of messages from family and friends the next day, saying how they loved Eri and how they enjoyed the program…there was never a dull moment. We had a bunch of guests from the US and they, too, had a blast!!! ☺ And even though there were some last minute changes/requests, he still was able to manage everything. We love you, Eri!!! Thank you for being sooo amazing!!! 🙏

    All the BEST, Eri! God bless you and your little fam. 🙏❤

    P.S. Two of my friends are getting married soon…one even asked for your business card that same night haha and I had to send your details to the other one a few days ago. 😋👌

    Wilson & Mia ❤

  76. One of the most important things to consider during the reception is the host – he/she is the one who will guide the crowd throughout the entire evening, and Eri did that for us superbly well. Our guests absolutely loved him – he is funny without trying too hard, and he is just a naturally kind and sweet guy. He is a pro in reading the crowd’s emotions since he knows how to take them from emotional moments to hilarious ones with ease. I’ve attended weddings that were a bit boring and dragging, but with Eri taking charge, everything flowed smoothly and beautifully.

    Eri, you truly are a gem and the couples who booked you for their wedding could attest to this!

  77. Whether you are expecting a more formal event, or a more loose one with lots of awkward and funny moments, my brother Eri is perfect host for you.

    During planning, he will pick apart every activity/event on your program and provide constructive feedback for each of them, the order or flow, or if music needed for it or not and what kind of music it should be. To make sure its the best!

    On the hosting part itself, he really knows to put smiles and make his audiences laugh. You will never have a dull moment on your program, especially on awkward moments. He even know’s how to handle technical difficulties and keep the audiences’ mood up too!

    At first I thought only my DotA boys and a few guests will appreciate him, but we received positive feedback from everyone who’s not into E-sports or DotA. He even won the hearts of some our female guests. 😉

    We will never forget that we won and he chose us to win his online contest where the winner will get him as a host. Eri, we are forever grateful that you have been a part of our big day in the most rarest way. We wish you good health for you and your family and for all future clients and guests that you will bring joy and happiness to.

    Love lots,
    Ralph and Erica #ycakeshelkayralph

  78. Eri is the man! He knows what he’s doing and can surely make a dull crowd go wild. He is spontaneously funny which comes naturally from him. We booked Eri for our wedding and all I can say is thar we did not worry anything about his hosting. He’s very easy to get in touched with. Working with Eri was a breeze. Eri is worth every cent your paying! 🙂

  79. Eri is the best host in Philippines. He really brings the crowd alive. Really awesome fun, family and friend orientated games. Got the whole crowd going. Should of manned up and had a drink with the Aussies 😛 Very charismatic and professional interaction with the guests. Good job. Excellent service.

  80. Let me share our Eri love story. We first laid eyes on him last April 1, 2017, during a friend’s wedding. From start to finish of the program, we were in total awe with him. My husband and I have been to several weddings, and have seen several hosts. They were all great hosts, but Eri, boy was he different. There was just something so captivating with the way he talked, the way he carried himself, and the way he gave life to the celebration.
    I knew right away that we had to have him host our wedding. It was non negotiable. I wanted him and only him at any cost.
    Come wedding day, we already knew he was amazing, but we were still so impressed with his performance. There was no dull moment! We were running a tiny bit late with our program, and as a couple, we decided to omit parts of the program like the mother/son and father/daughter dance. This is also considering the fact that Eri had another commitment after ours. But it was Eri who pushed us to continue the program. We really appreciated that. All our guests were asking about him and commenting on how funny and entertaining he was.
    I would hire him for ten times his going rates. He is just priceless.
    – Dr Neilsen and Dr Bea Nilo

  81. Eri is a good friend of my brother and we are so thankful and honoured to have him as our host. We met him only once and immediately felt at ease and we knew that our special day will be in good hands.

    We had a very simple program but Eri made it fun and lively he made everyone happy. Our family and friends all left with smiles on their faces.

    Thank you so much for being amazing!!! 🙂

    Juan and Merylle

  82. At those hours during the reception, you could really feel Eri’s connection with the guests. He’s a natural. Effortless, funny, quick-witted. His voice sparking life, jokes warming the crowd, the air filled with laughter. He knows how to capture our attention, as he caught mine during one of my bridesmaids’ wedding last year. We loved him from them on. He was my non-negotiable. He was my only choice for my wedding host, so it was either Eri or no host at all as I told my now husband. Niligawan ko talaga ang asawa ko for us to get Eri. Ang bait ko sa asawa ko sobra hahaha! And that was the best choice. We gave him a very difficult job, that was to keep the party alive the whole night, a celebration of people from different backgrounds, gender, age, religion and humor. But he pulled it off, thanks to his upbeat energy. He was even able to have a bishop play bato bato pick and have fun at the same time (Bishop was the champion by the way.) Days after the wedding, the guests were still gushing about how they enjoyed the program and how wonderful the man of the show was! Maraming salamat Eri! Now it’s not just us who love you after 11.13.2018. Add 200 more people. Thank you so much for making that night extraordinary.

    Lyra and Py

  83. Eri!!! Omg where do we begin! From the time we were just doing our wedding preps and reached out to possible hosts for our wedding, Eri stood out by not only replying immediately, but he called us to verbally confirm he is available! At that point we were so, so happy and excited that we got to book him.

    True enough, even during our meeting prior to wedding, he was very professional with a casual approach, enough to allow us to curate the wedding the way we want it to be, but also throw in some legit suggestions to make it more fun and sensible to our guests. He even suggested our hashtag — #NoButtyButYou!

    He came true to this promise during our day, throwing some banters and adlibs that made our crowd very engaging throughout the reception. Everyone (even my dad, who was initially suggesting not to get a host) was utterly impressed! MUST MUST BOOK ERI! Highly-recommended especially if you want a wedding that’s not stiff and not too spontaneous. Just the right amount of crazy and love. Thank you, Eri!

  84. Mr. Eri ‘The Great’! The first and only supplier that i booked without any hesitation! At first, our wedding date was already reserved by another couple, but lucky enough they did not confirmed…and yes, we got our guy! My wife doesn’t know Eri that much when i booked him. I just told her that we already have someone who will run the show for us and will surely make our night memorable.

    Fast forward to the wedding, he delivered what we expected from him. His suggested program was on point. He can easily adjust to whatever situation is on hand. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. Overall, the experience of having him was flawless. Good suppliers, perfect wedding. Definitely one for the books!

    For those soon-to-be couples who are looking for a great emcee, you found your man. Believe me, you will be 100% satisfied. Invest to a supplier who you think who can walk-the-talk. And Sir Eri is the perfect example for that. Excellent and very professional.

    Thank you so much Sir Eri! It’s a pleasure having you. May you have more blessings to come! Few more years and you’re gonna be…LEGENDARY! When that happens, we’ll be very proud to say that we had you as part of our wedding. Thank you again Sir Eri! Cheers!

    Allen & Karen 12.01.2018

  85. sir eri is simply it is such a pleasure having sir eri in our wedding simply the best! more power eri and just what i have said continue being a blessing to other people in your own way by making their wedding/ events a special one. thank yous so much sir eri, and happy happy birthday.

    if by any chance that there is someone who is browsing here, looking for a host, reading all the reviews and comments, do not second guess, you are not here by accident my friend.

    Ivan&Hazel 12.11.18

  86. Eri. From senior prom to wedding… he was the best host ever! He was so funny and everyone had such a great time. Right before my brother was gonna say his speech, I had to go to the bathroom and he did an impromptu Aquaman standup stint (they say my brother looks like Jason Momoa). Everyone was laughing by the time I got back and I was so happy with how he kept things flowing smoothly the entire night. The entire ballroom enjoyed the battle royale and it was amazing to see everyone having FUN! Anton and I made the best decision to get him as our wedding emcee. Super thankful! ❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU ERI!

    Anton & Isabel Barandiaran

  87. Eri gave life to our wedding reception. Everybody enjoyed the event, especially his life changing game. LOL He has class, charm and humor which the guests really loved. Getting Eri as our MC is one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Thank you Eri and God bless you and your beautiful family.

    Francis & Maebel Ramos

  88. Well, what can we say about Eri? He must be aware that Ivan knew him since that Dota tournament in Cubao. Haha! When we found out that he is also a wedding host, we started watching his videos and man, he resembles Russell Peters on stage! He’s the one we were looking for! Throughout the wedding planning journey, we didn’t worry about the reception program. It is comforting to know that we are in good hands.
    He promptly replies to all my emails and fb messages so that is a big plus point, too! 😊 He willingly gives his suggestion and advice which made our wedding planning easier.
    On our big day, he brought the house down!😄 He knows his crowd and we loved his hosting style. The bato-bato-pick game was definitely a hit!
    Thank you so much, Ari! May God shower you
    with His choicest blessings! ♥

    Ivan & Kim

  89. Eri was one of our favorite suppliers and certainly did not disappoint! At the end of the wedding, a lot of our guests were gushing at how much fun they had. At first we were a little bit apprehensive of the grand bato bato pick game, since it is not traditionally for weddings, but everyone had a blast! our only disappointment was that our bet didn’t win. Haha! Thank you, Eri for helping us make our wedding a success! Wishing you more success this 2019!

    Chard & Cams

  90. Eri was one of the suppliers we locked down first. From making the program down to the games, an awesome host 👍 it was a fun process working with him and he’s very professional.

    Charlie & Kristina

  91. Eri was our first choice to host for our wedding. The only thing that hindered us to get him is that he was over our budget. However, I and Mark still invested on him because we know he has the personality that me and Mark would love to have during the wedding reception.

    During our meeting he gave us suggestions on what to not and what to consider during the wedding reception. He was also very flexible with what we want to happen and include during our reception. He was able to suggest where and how to insert these things on the wedding program.

    On the day, Eri was really amazing, he has the energy that I want to have so that the guests will be entertained. He is very funny and I can see that my friends and family are having fun during the program. Most especially during the Bato bato pick game! Our guests participated actively and the game was just fun and awesome!!!

    Definitely what we paid for was worth every penny! After the wedding, I received a lot of compliments about our host and my wedding was fun and they enjoyed every bit of it.

    Thank you Eri, thank you for making my wedding fun and memorable one! 🥰

    Love lots,
    Mac and Mark

  92. Eri is a well-known wedding host and is highly recognized for his utmost professionalism and straightforwardness. It is not without surprise that I started following him in social media as soon as I started preparing for my own wedding.

    Having Eri as emcee is like having a second wedding coordinator that is in-charge of the reception program. When he was being asked for his opinion on how to beautify the wedding reception, he gave suggestions along with great And sufficient explanations on why we must consider it (like making sure we have live feed, having a child say grace before meals, inserting a mother-daughter dance, etc.) Ang cool diba?!

    We were only able to see him again during our retouch. He seemed to have transformed himself from a joking Eri to an Eri who was definitely in charge of the whole place! The crowd just seemed to like him as he was both polite and charming. Our family and friends couldn’t help but commend him for his interesting and funny games that, as per their statement, was loaded with laughter and prizes!

    I had never as much fun playing bato-bato pick during weddings that I had attended as when I was just watching it during ours. That was a riot what with it being a BATTLE ROYALE complete with trophy and cash haha! And the single games was also a show-stopper, a real hit. It was so simple, no props needed, not much instruction needed but it was so well-executed by Eri that sparks flew between the single friends we had selected.

    Of course, receiving this kind of compliment was really heartfelt for us especially since we had a couple of people on our guest lists who do “professional speaking” engagements for a living.

    He’s the type of host that wants to give everyone a great time-making them participate on the whole activity to keep the energy burning. His personality, along with his superb skills on hosting, can definitely make the reception perfect and memorable-not just for the couple, but for the audience as well.

    Thank you again, Eri. Please continue making more happy couples.


  93. Over the last couple of years, my now wife and I have been present for several weddings together and had attended a few wedding expos in the Metro Manila area. So after going through this “gauntlet” of constant weddings and research in preparation for our own wedding, when we found Eri, we immediately knew he was our guy.

    He was personable, charismatic, and a natural communicator who was able to organically combine the emotions and excitement that weddings require while adding his own style and a great deal of humor to augment the set program.

    Rather than siloed portions of the reception program choppily coming one after the other, Eri used his personality, professionalism, and style to smoothly carry the program from one point to the next. He helped tell our wedding story in the vision that we had hoped for even before we even knew he existed.

    We got lucky by finding some really great suppliers for our wedding, but Eri, by far, was the glue that made it all work and flow cohesively bringing the right energy to the room.

    If you have any spare time, watch his standup on Yourube as that really helped us know he wasn’t our guy as well. I even asked him to add an additional touch of humor to his normal reportoire. He was on point and hit all the right notes.

    Eri gets a 10/10 from this newly wed couple. When we’re old and gray, we will still be talking about how much Eri crushed it for our wedding. Thank you so much again, Eri! Please keep in touch!

    Rob & Angela

  94. It’s been exactly a month now since our Manila Wedding, and we’re still at awe with it!

    During the initial wedding planning, we were looking though a lot of Wedding hosts, and since we are based in Singapore, we can only search them on the internet. Apart from the fact that he is one of the recommended hosts by our wedding event planner,
    we chanced upon his youtube videos and Joseph immediately said “he’s the one! We’ll get him host our wedding!”

    And so we had the first meeting with Eri last May 2018; he left a good impression to us because first: he was on time for our meeting, and then, when we brainstormed on ideas, on the program list, games, etc. it’s a breeze talking to him, such an easy man to talk to. He definitely knows his game!

    So, the day of our wedding came, and everybody had such a great time! Bato Bato Pick was a hit specially to our overseas guests, and it’s such a thrill to see our guests participate! He is so spontaneous and knows how to look cool under pressure!

    What we paid for was all worth it!
    So, If you need someone to host your perfect wedding banquet, he’s the man you’re looking for!
    There was never a dull moment, and we’re so happy that you hosted our wedding Eri!
    Joseph and I enjoyed our wedding so much and It’s such a joy to know that our guests enjoyed the night as well, and stayed until the end! Thank you so so so much!

    More powers to you and God Bless you more!

    Joseph and Marieta

  95. I had my reservations when my wife suggested having a host for our wedding. I wanted a host who would connect with my guests and just simply bring fun to our reception. And then she suggested Eri Neeman. When I decided to check him out online I thought he was familiar and I was right. His background on tv comedy is amazing and any person who’s great in comedy must definitely be good. I also checked out his very helpful online wedding videos plus his games and that reeled me in. And what ultimately convinced me was when I discovered that Eri is a huge gamer and nerd(that’s a compliment).

    I already had high expectations even before our meeting with him which was about two weeks before our wedding. And then we met and we were blown away. Eri has a well planned out programme to which he is also open to modifying to fit the needs of couples. He’s very professional but still loose.

    Then our wedding day came and Eri Neeman brought down the house. There was never a dull moment and he commanded the crowd with his wit and natural charm. Our guests were all entertained and they loved the programme from beginning to end.

    Simply put, Eri Neeman is THE host. He knows what he is doing and he is amazing at it. I only pity the couples who cannot get him as a host.

    Eri, job well done. Alma and I are grateful that you were a part of our wedding day. If only we could get to see you host again someday. Keep it up and may you be blessed with more clients.

    Dean and Alma Funk
    19th January 2019

  96. When we were deciding on a host for our long-awaited wedding a good friend said, “Your host can make or break your reception.” Although we had a few close friends in mind who can pull off hosting for us, we decided to go professional and at the same time have our friends enjoy the event rather than making them work.

    We did our homework and searched for suitable hosts. We watched their videos and my husband was hell-bent on having Eri. So he immediately contacted him and we “prayed” for his availability. 😁

    We wanted to meet Eri before deciding and when we did, we knew he was “the one” so we booked immediately. Arranging the program was easy since he already has his own format (but of course can be customized depending on your choice).

    On the day, Eri tweaked the program to accommodate the photo/vid team, the pre-reception timing and the vibe of the guests. For his flexibility, we are thankful because the guests did not get bored. He was witty, attentive to our cue, playful yet professional, he speaks very well and was able to pull off the Bato-Bato-Pik battle royale even with some foreigners and not so young audience. He also mingled with our guests. Turns out, some of our guests are fans of his. 😁

    As they say, you get what you pay for and Eri is soooo worth it. You’ll never go wrong coz we didn’t.

    We definitely made the right choice with Eri. 4 thumbs up to you! (mine and my husband’s) 😁

    Andrew and Val

  97. While there is no doubt that Eri is an excellent host and entertainer, what we are most impressed with was his ability to adjust to last minute changes. When we realized that most of our guests are already familiar with a particular game, Eri smoothly transitioned to a different contest. The guests had so much fun. In short, he was very adaptable, flexible, and most importantly, he was able to deliver. He was also very accommodating to requests, prioritizing what the couple’s preferences are, and his suggestions are on point. If you want a lively and fun wedding, with a reliable and experienced host, Eri is definitely your man.

  98. Eri is one of our non negotiables. We wanted to invest on good food, great host and the like. He didn’t fail us! Booking him is probably one of the best decisions that we’ve done! He delivered, made the crowd go wild and so much more. He speaks the language really well and didn’t do the okray type of hosting! Smart, sophisticated and funny, 3 words to describe his hosting that night for our wedding! My mom even told me to get him for their 10th year wedding anniversary on April! That’s how much she enjoyed and loved Eri’s hosting skills! So to Eri, thank you for making our wedding fun and memorable for everyone! Hands down to your hosting skills, man! You’re the best! No wonder why you’re on top of the game, you deserve to be on top!

  99. Eri is amazing!!! He was the bread and butter of our wedding event last March 15,2019. He made sure there was no dead air, and made further adjustments during the event to make everything work. No regrets on choosing him as our emcee/host. Eri will be a big help on the program, he’s very informative and will give you walkthroughs on how to run the event. Thanks Eri!!! -Jeff & Sophy

  100. Eri is one of the best decisions we had! He was one of our none negotiables. We were lucky that he was not yet booked on our wedding day.

    Wedding day came and we were ecstatic how it turned out to be! All of us enjoyed the night! Guests were raving about him!

    Thank you so much Eri!

    Lots of love,
    Cena & Javert

  101. We just had our wedding last night and Eri was one of the highlights of the evening. People told me one of the things they liked about the wedding is the host. We all love his jokes and ability to make the everything seems so rehearsed even if we saw him for the first time like a week ago. Lol.we love him very much. Thank you Eri! 😊

  102. Being a wedding planner, I know a lot of event hosts. One of my bridesmaids is a host actually and because we don’t want her to work at our wedding, we had to book another host to do our wedding. Mabuti nalang din. I asked some of my friends from the wedding industry who they think was a good host and I got a lot of “Si Eri!” from them. I’ve never worked w Eri but I trust my friends’ judgement so we went ahead and inquired. Luckily our wedding was on a Tuesday and he was still available on that day!

    Our first meeting was such a delight, Eri is so easy to connect with and he won’t push anything the couple doesn’t want. He listens to what you want and lovingly suggests options to make your program even better. On the day, he wasn’t late. (I’ve worked w hosts who were) and he was so easy to work with, not a diva, walang arte, and he genuinely cares about the couple. Our program was so chill and fun, not at all complicated and formal, just how we wanted it to be. We received msgs from our guests saying they enjoyed the program and magaling daw the “cutie” host hahaha!

    Eri thank you, we enjoyed the program! It wasn’t dragging, it wasn’t too long, it wasn’t bitin. It was just perfect. Honestly gusto ulit magpakasal ni Cj in 5 yrs daw. Booked ka na ba March 2024? 😀 See you around and more power to you! God bless!

  103. Eri was great host! We wanted to have a fun wedding and he was able to deliver it with no sweat at all. Eri was our first choice when we got engaged and since then we have been looking forward to his performance and we got more than what we were expecting. We received a-lot of great comments from our guests of how amazing and fun our host was. We will definitely recommend Eri to our families and friends who will decide to tie the knot starting with my brother! 🙂 Looking forward to attending another wedding with Eri as the host.

    PS: I have attended a few weddings and watched a-lot of videos of other recommended wedding host, trust me guys HE IS THE BEST!

    Chen and Mike
    Apr 6 2019

  104. Amongst our short list of hosts, Eri stood out amongst the rest. From the planning stages to the actual wedding, Eri was awesome! He gave us suggestions to the program that would focus and highlight our entire ceremony. This was something we really appreciated. Something that we didnt realize prior to discussing the program. We wanted it to be something that we would truly remember, and he definitely exceeded our expectations. Everyone loved Eri. Our guest kept giving us commendations on his delivery and execution of the program! The bato bato pik battle royale was a hit. Everyone enjoyed. He brought life to the program!
    Job well done Eri! Couldnt have found a better host! Cheers!

    – Pao and Yunise
    May 7, 2019

  105. Eri delivered an AWESOME job during our wedding last night. He entertained our guests very well and everyone had a GREAT time. So if you want a FUN and MEMORABLE wedding, get the services of Eri as your host, he will not disappoint!

  106. This may be 16 months delayed, but never too late to give praise to The Man. Eri is the guy you want in your wedding day. Period. Being both doctors, Joy and I know the feeling of blind trust and faith that our patients entrust to us with their care, and for that we will always be grateful. In the same way, we never hesitated to commit the most important day of our lives to him. From the very moment I first talked to him on the phone, I knew he was the right “surgeon” for us. We instantly felt very comfortable with him. The tips and advices he gave us proved to be very invaluable. Meeting up with him a month before our day, he ran his program proposal with us and we were impressed. Talk about excellent pre-op planning. And when D-day came, he truly delivered. Just like how a surgeon is captain of the ship in the OR, this guy’s attention to detail and command of the entire atmosphere made it a night to remember. We will truly be grateful to you, Eri, for being there for us and for being a friend. You truly are a class act. More power to you and may God continue to bless you and your family always!


    Phillip and Joy

  107. Eri was simply amazing. From being able to control the mood of the reception to keeping our 500 guests engaged.

    Pre-Wedding: Eri was professional and gave us ideas on how to make our reception better than we were able to visualize. Even during our first meeting, we already knew that Eri would be the perfect host for our reception. He made us even more excited than we already were.

    Wedding reception: One word. Perfection. Eri took charge. Kept all the guests engaged. Our guests were lively the entire reception and never was there a dull moment. He was also able to match his demeanor perfectly with the current mood; the “aww” moments, the crying moments, the going “wild” moments, and more.

    I’ve been to numerous events, receptions, etc. and I could confidently say that Eri is definitely the best one. I can’t imagine anyone else hosting our wedding reception.

    Thank you so so so much for hosting our event. You made our wedding reception even better than what we imagined. You played a big part in making our reception a night to remember. We hope to see you again someday and we’ll definitely recommend you to all our friends and family. Cheers!

  108. Eri is the host you’d want for your event. He hosted our wedding event of 600 guests for almost 5 hours and he didnt show any sign of slowing down. He just kept going with his high energy pace and continued to entertain the crowd. I actually wished I could have seen the part when he introduced our entourage. Never a dull moment with him. Got a lot of good comments about the host from our guests after the event. If youre still waiting for the right comment about the host, this is it. Get Eri! 🙂

    Thank you for hosting our wedding, Eri! We hope to see you in another event where we will be part of the audience this time. 🙂

    -Lloyd and Carissa

  109. Eri is the best! Get him in any event you’ll have and you wont regret it. We had our wedding of 600 guests that lasted for almost 5 hours and you’d notice that Eri didnt show any sign of slowing down. He continued to maintain his high energy pace throughout the event. He knows how to simply be creative with his hosting skills. Never a dull moment with him. We got a lot of positive reactions about our host from our guests after the wedding. If youre waiting for comment if you’ll get him as your host, this is it, get him 🙂

    Thank you for hosting our wedding, Eri! Thanks for being friendly and interactive with us. Too bad we didnt see how you introduced our entourage because they said it was really funny. Looking forward to being part of the audience next time you host.

    -Lloyd & Carissa

  110. Do you believe in love with a supplier at first sight? I knew the very first time i met him at a wedding fair that i would love Eri to be our host. I was with my mom that time and she was reluctant since she was uncomfortable in speaking in english and she told me that most of our relatives would also be uncomfortable. I was not able to book for him during that day and it took several weddings fairs, several other inquiries and maybe almost a hundred of videos of different hosts, but in the end, i knew it had to be Eri.

    My hubby Ash back then was working abroad and he helped me choose by watching lots of videos and he agreed and allowed me to book for Eri. That decision is one of the best decisions we had ever made. 🙂

    There were some things that went wrong during preps but upon entering the reception venue, everything was perfect. Eri’s positive and haply energy lifted the spirits of everyone in the room. A lot stayed till the end of the program and my parents told me that several of their friends (seniors) already bid their farewells so many times already but they kept on returning to their seats because something different happens every time till they all realize that its already the end of the program and past 11pm already! What’s more, a lot of them still stayed till the suppliers start to clean and pack already.

    Everyone enjoyed the night. The mood was light and happy and the feeling resonated several days after because everyone was still on a wedding high, applauding us for letting them attend the wedding and to let them experience to what some of our relatives call “the wedding of the century” because they had a blast and never for one minute felt a dull moment during the entire wedding. Oh how i wish i was there inside the reception venue the entire time because i missed alot of his jokes(my dad told me that my mom was laughing the entire night)

    In sum, we highly recommend Eri Neeman as your host! You and your guests will surely Love him and certainly you will have the best wedding ever!

    Thank you so much!! Till next time Eri 😉

    Yours truly,
    Ash and Thea Pias-Agustin

  111. Looking back at the tedious preparations we’ve made for our wedding, we sincerely couldn’t have been more blessed to have encountered the MOST INCREDIBLE wedding host in Eri Neeman. We had a conservative crowd – a mix of elders and millennials who we thought are quite hard to please. We braced ourselves initially for a quiet party. But WOW, were we wrong. Eri had them all laughing and dancing and chatting and playing games. Everyone had the BEST time.

    With what we’ve experienced first-hand, Eri has that vibe and appeal that brings LIFE to any party, regardless of the crowd. He’s a master in his field! He’s flexible, his program line-up is insanely efficient and effective (the BATO-BATO pick challenge was a big hit!), he’s WITTY to the core, and super fun to work with!

    You’re the best Eri! We couldn’t have had the most memorable evening without you. Again, thank you thank you very much for being there! <3

    All the best,
    Jorge & Grace Sia

  112. Eri! Thank you so much! Our guests really had the time of their lives. From the children to the lolos and lolas. EVERYONE enjoyed our wedding because of you. It was full of love and laughter. You are great in what you do and our best decision was getting you as our host. We had so much fun!!!!!!!!! Its been days since our wedding and people can’t still stop talking about how funny you were! We hope to work with you again! ❤️

    Thank you so so much Eri!

    -Patrick & Cattia

  113. Eri is the guy you want if you want your day to be special, not just for you, but for everyone who will be attending.

    Looking for a host was one of the first things we wanted to accomplish as it makes a huge impact on how your guest would remember the night. I told my then fiance, that I’ll take care of it. I wanted someone who had humour, wit, and have the power to make the guests stay because they wanted to! Just from our meeting with him, we knew we made a great choice!

    His energy and wit draws the crowd to him. His energy got me so hyped up that my garter dance turned out better that what I planned. I guess his time as “Boy Back Up” really honed his skill to hype anyone up! His quick thinking and improvisation saved a couple of moments that would have been a little awkward. He turned a technical difficulty into an enjoyable moment. There wasn’t a dull moment throughout the night. Getting Eri was definitely one of the best decisions we made.

    We got a lot of feedback that our wedding was the best they’ve attended and some wanted to have a wedding again!

    I guess the only downside was that the guests were so tuned into the program that they either forgot to eat or grab a second plate!

    You’re in amazing hands if you go with Eri.

    Plus, he’s great for anime recommendations and we love seeing his post about his family as you’ll feel the love from them.

    Thank you man! Keep it up! You are an absolute legend!

    PS. I owe you a TimTam!

    -Chester & Tash

  114. Eri is your host.

    He asks you what you want, and he delivers.
    He’s not too forward, and doesn’t make it about himself.
    He emphasizes what’s important – the couple.
    He knows how to keep the pace going.
    He knows how to keep everyone interested – young, old, and very old.

    At first I was skeptical of the bato bato pik game because it’s been done so many times, but he reassured me that it was all about how you sell it. and boy, did he sell it.

    Great job Eri. We’ve been to many weddings and seen many hosts, but there’s no debate there as to who’s number 1.

    We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family in the future.

    Iggy and Macy

  115. We had our wedding a year ago and took Eri as our host. He was very professional in his craft and also casual at the same time. In fact he’s so easy to get along with, some of our friends & relatives thought he’s like our close friend from high school or college – that’s how good his hosting is! Plus, his bato bato pick royale will never get old; it was one of the highlights of the evening. Eri was also able to handle my ranting mom w/ ease, who’s claiming her grandson lost his round due to an ‘alleged’ cheating. 😂 I think he’s changed how weddings are held; Ester and I were not surprised he’s one of the most sought wedding event (and DOTA/gaming) hosts right now. We wish him goodluck and hope our paths may cross again soon! 😊

    Paolo & Ester

  116. We loooove having Eri as our wedding host. Program was smooth and really fun. All the guests went home with smiles on their faces. We heard nothing but praises from family and our guests. It’s been 2 days since and we’re still hearing great things! If you’re thinking twice of getting Eri, stop that nonsense and get him! As in NOW NA!

  117. Eri was great! He was energetic, lively and funny! All the guests loved him and couldnt stop laughing at his jokes and improv! His Bato Bato Pick game was a sure fire winner as well! And the way he is able to calm the crowd and stall for time worked like magic! He was my first and only option as a host and good thing my wife agreed! Now we both have no regrets! Our wedding wouldnt be perfect without him! Thanks again man!! Love your work!

  118. The moment I saw Eri’s hosting I immediately knew he was the one! And he sure measured up to our expectations. Eri worked well under pressure (because there were some glitches concerning our venue) and was still able to make everyone laugh as he can effortlessly make a joke that everyone can relate to. He is very professional and grateful as well. Thanks Eri!

  119. We moved our dates so we could have Eri host our reception and it’s the best decision ever. Eri was our non-negotiable supplier for our wedding. So professional, so funny, and THE BEST! Thank you Eri! Everyone had fun!

  120. This guy is solid! If you want someone who won’t just show up for a great program but also care about the memories you make on your special day, go for Eri!

    He has a well-curated program designed to give you all the right transition of feelings on your wedding – from fun to ‘feels’ to fun again! He is also quick to adjust depending on the mood of the crowd.

    Our friends have been commending how good a host he is. Without us even asking, they kept mentioning how they loved our host and the whole program. There were no dull moments or dead air. You definitely can’t go wrong with Eri!

    1. If your having your wedding, you have to choose the perfect host and Eri
      Neeman did just that. The feedback from our just concluded wedding was
      so overwhelming.

      He delivered a perfect reception for us. All our guests went home not with
      a smile but with a laughter of joy.

      Mr. Eri Neeman for us is the No. 1 host! Worth it from start to beginning.

  121. I told my wife that for our reception we have to get the best host we could find. Eri Neeman is that and more!

    We can’t express how much sir Eri has made our special day more special! The way he hosted our reception was exceptional; he certainly made sure that the guests and ourselves were entertained, enthusiastic and also emotional from start to finish. Also very easy to approach and work with; and certainly very down to earth and accomodating to your needs. Truly a master of his craft and would highly recommend his services to others and their events!

  122. When we booked him in November 2018 (a year and 3 months away from our wedding), we have actually never witnessed him host, and relied on friends’ reviews and videos of him on YouTube. Another couple wanted to book him that early so we sealed the deal and made the down payment, and we can say that’s one of the best decisions we made in terms of wedding planning! He is classy and funny at the same time and his sense of humor matched with us and our guests. Our destination wedding in Boracay was made more awesome because of him, and a lot of our guests raved about him the day after. Some guests also commented specifically on how our program flow was so good, and Eri is to blame for that. Thanks Eri for helping make our dream wedding come true. More power to you and hope to see you around!

  123. There are no words to perfectly capture how grateful we are for Eri. He handled our program so professionally. Days later and our guests are still talking about how much fun they had and how they laughed and cried with us. We owe the success of our wedding to Eri. There’s a reason he’s the number one host in the country. His passion, empathy and ability to think on his feet are what make him the best. Thank you for giving us a truly memorable wedding!

  124. Eri, where do I even start with you? You were pivotal in making sure our intimate gathering was special and memorable for us and our loved ones. While you were hosting in front of us, I kept whispering to Mark: “Do you now understand why he’s number 1 host in the Philippines?”

    After our initial meeting 2 months before Feb 14, you were the 1st one who made us feel that things are getting real-er / scarier / more exciting. You put both of us at ease with your charisma and warmth; you gave us the confidence because your passion was so tangible. And you’re one of the few people who have successfully changed my mind – I know I said I didn’t want to do a lot of things in the program but looking back at how the night panned out, every single part that you convinced me to do were the BEST parts.

    You are doing the Lord’s work, Eri. Please keep doing you. The world is just a little better whenever you hold a mic in front of you. 🙂

  125. As the groom I have very little say in our wedding. In fact I only made 2 decisions for the whole wedding. 1 was to choose to get married. 2 was to choose Eri Naman as the host. Proud to say I made the right decision on both. Eri is really worth getting for your wedding. All our guests said they very much enjoyed the food and Eri. They all had a good time. Can’t wait to have children and for them to get married so i can get Eri again as the host for their wedding. More power to you Eri. 🙂

  126. We really can’t express how much grateful we are of Eri. Ever since we have found him here and after watching his videos, we know there’s no other emcee we would want on our wedding. Our wedding was supposed to happen last year, but due to our busy schedule we decided to move it a year later. It proved to be a blessing since we were able to pick a date where Eri is available. That was a non negotiable to us at that point and it’s all worth it! And It’s even an understatement. Here’s why:

    Being a hands on couple, we have sent all types of questions to Eri before and after we booked him. He has been very responsive and approachable, has provided valuable inputs and it didn’t change a bit leading to the wedding day. To be honest we didn’t expect this kind of treatment from him given his stature in the industry but that’s what you get when you book him!

    He is naturally funny and I think that’s what most couple love about him. All his “hirits” is going to be a sure hit from the crowd. That’s what happened in our wedding. You would hear all types of roars and laughter in the ballroom. Literally no dull moment. But, what impressed us more is how he would handle unexpected moments. A bathroom break? Confetti that wouldn’t pop? He turned those situations from an awkward moment to being one of the best parts of the program.

    Lastly, and I guess this is the bonus part of booking him. He is funny, yes, but he is also very good at handling emotional and special moments of the wedding program which is very important to us. He is such a sincere guy after all.

    Until now when we meet with friends and family, it’s really impossible not to talk about the host and how good he was. So to Eri: even said whatever you are worth, you are definitely worth it. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding day extra special. Until our next event! 🙂

    – Ryan and Apple

  127. Though a year had already passed, it seemed like only yesterday when my husband and I made our vows to each other. We give a thousand thanks to Eri, the man behind the success of our wedding reception program. Eri’s unwavering talent and exceptional skills in hosting made 95% of our guests stay until the end of a 4-hour program on a Monday night! Our guests truly loved him! As a matter of fact, one of my engaged friends wanted to book him for her wedding too!

    Eri, words aren’t enough to describe how blessed and grateful we are for having you as our host. We owe you big time for this super late feedback, but as they say, better late than never. Hehe. Thank you for being brilliant! More power and God bless!

    -JB and Jen De Guzman

  128. As soon as we got engaged I told my fiancé (husband now) that we needed to get Eri for our wedding as he was my host in my debut and I know that he will be the perfect host on our wedding day. 🥂 We were so happy we were able to book Eri for our wedding. 🥳 Given the current situation with the pandemic, he was very professional and knew how to handle the wedding very well for our guests. 🎉 Getting him was one of the best decisions for our wedding reception as it made the program a lot more fun and exciting for our guests. 👏🏼

  129. We’re grateful that we were able to get Eri to host our wedding. Our initial plan was to have a 600-guest reception around mid-2020, but because of the pandemic we moved to a more intimate one last December. Eri guided us every step of the way – he set up more meetings, gave suggestions what he thinks would work (when everyone in the industry was still unsure of how to proceed), and allowed us time to decide how to do things.

    I worried about many things during wedding planning but everything turned out to be unfounded:
    1) Based on my experience attending other weddings, I was worried that a wholesome program wouldn’t be as memorable or enjoyable to guests. But Eri proved that you don’t need any adult jokes. I realized afterwards that I preferred it this way as the event felt more sincere and focused on the people instead of gimmicks.
    2) It doesn’t matter how big or small your wedding is, or who your guests are. Eri can connect with your guests equally well and give everyone a good time. No need to worry about foreign guests, conservative titas, judgy Chinese relatives, young people with short attention spans, or old people who don’t know what’s going on. Everything flowed smoothly and naturally, with no awkward moment throughout. It’s also a bonus that some guests know of him from his e-games hosting work.
    3) Don’t worry about bato-bato pik getting tired or overused. Eri is able to make it personal and new each time. We opted for a cash prize and didn’t shell out for a trophy, but Eri was kind enough to lend us a trophy for props.

    The best thing you can do for yourself in wedding planning is to get reliable, talented, and sincere suppliers. We’re quite happy with our choices and how things turned out for us even with the change in plans, and we only have good memories of Eri.

    Thank you Eri for taking care of us and our guests, and for working so hard even on your birthday.

  130. Eri is such a professional host. He is also very accommodating and fun to work with. My wife and I enjoyed the Birit to win it game!

    We highly recommend Eri!

  131. Thank you Eri for making our wedding day more special and beyond wonderful.

    He is very good at making fun and memorable moments. He makes the crowd lively and fun, and even keeping it cool during the touching moments. He reads his audience very well and make the most out of it.

    We are very grateful of having you as our wedding host.

    – Justine and Kat

  132. Got married last month and Eri was one of our wedding non-negotiables. Despite the changes we’ve had to make because of the pandemic, we never thought of letting him go because we knew how important the host is when it comes to events, big or small! We had a guest count of about 50 people so it was a fairly easy crowd to manage, but Eri went beyond reading the room and managing the crowd and he actually made everyone feel like they’re part of the program! And because of this, we honestly felt our friends and families’ presence – it didn’t feel like they were just an audience, guests who were there to eat, clap, and clink their glasses – but they were really there celebrating with us, all thanks to Eri. He really isn’t the type of host who mindlessly [or overdramatically] announces the next part of the program. He interacts with people and he does it with such flair and charm that makes the program feel so cohesive and seamless! His lively rendition of the bato-bato pik challenge [which NEVER gets old btw] and his witty remarks made everyone feel connected and kept all of us on the edge of our seats, just laughing and feeling good during the entire reception program. No bola – it’s been weeks after the wedding and we still receive compliments from our guests about how awesome Eri was. Even the picky titos and titas loved him! So thank you, Eri, for making our wedding reception extra memorable for us and for our guests. You understand weddings and life events so well and it shows with the way you host. We are truly grateful that you were part of our special day!

  133. Eri was referred to us by my brother who already saw his hosting twice. When we saw Eri’s booth on the first bridal fair that we went to, we immediately booked him. We actually booked Eri before the church, venue, and caterer. We felt that we have options on the other stuff but for the host, it should be Eri.

    During the planning stage, we really felt that he wanted to connect with us. Probably because he wanted to use our kwentuhans to properly plan the program that would make the reception fun and special. He also showed us how our wedding can be adjusted to adopt to the current situation.

    Fast forward to our wedding, the worst thing that can happen to a garden set-up reception happened. It rained in the middle of dinner. It was crazy! My wife and I were about to lose it. We waited for almost 2 years, we planned the wedding to be as safe as possible for everyone, tested everyone, then it rained in the middle of dinner? come on!…

    Fortunately, we also had my brother’s company (Gridlock Solutions, Inc.) to do coordination and organize our wedding. Both Eri and Gridlock never gave up on the event, they kept trying to find a way to push through with the 2nd part of our wedding reception. I was actually apologizing to Eri about what happened. That time, I was about to call it a night but he told me that WE WILL MAKE THIS WORK. Nabuhayan talaga ako ng loob, thank you Eri! 🙂

    We were waiting for the rain to stop on a small cottage with some of our guests. Next thing we know, chairs, lights and sounds were being set up and Eri started with the program. It rained even harder but we no longer cared as we were already having fun. All the guests and even our parents participated in the game he had prepared. My wife’s mom was even the runner-up and the audience was cheering for her. Eri was able to connect with our guests and every one had fun. The event had just become more special and intimate. Just as when we thought we’d have to abruptly end the program that we had planned for almost two years, they, indeed, were able to make it work.

    We were able to talk to some of our family and friends after the wedding and they were all praising Eri for how he was able to make the program fun and engaging despite the situation. One of our relatives even commented that they enjoyed the wedding, especially the reception and that our wedding was by far the happiest one they attended.

    Thank you for everything, Eri. If it weren’t for you, it wouldn’t be that special be that special. it really is one for the books.

  134. We will forever be grateful to Eri for hosting our wedding. Ours was one of the last before COVID took a toll on the wedding industry. Since it was an intercultural wedding, most guests flew in from other countries – Taiwan, USA, Australia, Singapore. Considering the travel restrictions they went through, Eri’s hosting made the experience memorable and worth it.

    He kept everyone engaged and entertained throughout the night with his professionalism. All the guests loved him — no one left until the programme was finished. Suffice to say, they remember him up to now. They especially enjoyed the yamseng (Singaporean tradition of giving cheers to newlyweds), the game, and the witty punchlines.

    We look forward to having Eri on our future milestones as a growing family! ❤

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