Aoui Regala’s Bridal Couture Takes Center Stage in British Vogue and Tatler UK

When it comes to making a splash on the global fashion front, Aoui Regala Atelier is doing more than just getting its feet wet. This isn’t your everyday local recognition—we’re talking top-tier shoutouts from the likes of British Vogue and Tatler UK!

Aoui Regala Atelier is a testament to Filipino craftsmanship, and how a ceaseless pursuit of excellence can turn heads on an international level. Read on to discover more about the remarkable recognition and one-of-a-kind bridal offerings of Aoui Regala Atelier!

Aoui Regala's Bridal Couture Takes Center Stage in British Vogue and Tatler UK

Being spotlighted in British Vogue for three separate issues (June, July, and August 2022) isn’t just impressive—it’s an unparalleled honor that only a select few ever achieve. Likewise, Tatler UK was so captivated by Aoui’s creations that they not only featured her designs in their May, June, July, and November 2022 issues, but also honored her work by including it in a special issue graced by the late Queen Elizabeth II on the cover in July 2022. Just this year, one of her dresses was featured again in Tatler UK’s February 2023 issue.

Aoui Regala Atelier Featured in a Tatler UK Special Issue, November 2022

“I believe what made our brand stand out and be noticed by the best in fashion and lifestyle on a global level is because of our commitment to excellence and consistency,” Aoui explains. Her brand being featured in British Vogue and Tatler UK was brought about by Aoui’s dedication to excellence and craftsmanship.

The gowns from Aoui Regala Atelier that graced the pages of British Vogue and Tatler UK were minimalist in design but maximalist in impact, embodying a sophistication that captures attention without the need for extravagant embellishments. We like to think of Aoui Regala’s designs as simplicity that’s not devoid of character but is rather enriched with attention to detail.

Aoui Regala Atelier Featured in British Vogue. Top to Bottom: June 2022, August 2022, July 2022.

The brand takes pride in offering a comprehensive, full-service experience that extends all the way to the wedding day, transforming each bride into a walking dream, as unique as the gown she adorns. Naturally, brides sing praises in their testimonials for Aoui Regala Atelier. Authentic recommendations from satisfied brides carry the brand’s reputation across international borders as well as within the Philippines.

Aoui Regala Atelier Featured in Tatler UK. Top to Bottom: May 2022, June 2022, July 2022.

Aoui Regala Atelier’s multiple appearances in international outlets like British Vogue and Tatler UK aren’t mere accidents, but the result of hard work and impeccable taste for custom bridal dresses. Take a look at some of her featured gowns in our fashion roundup below:

"Every design I make is different for each bride. It's always a fresh start, influenced by the bride's unique personality." Aoui Regala, Fashion Designer

Custom Embroidery and Beadwork

The gown that caught the attention of British Vogue and Tatler UK more than once! This beautiful creation represents Aoui Regala Atelier’s “impeccably tailored and timeless designs,” as noted by both British Vogue and Tatler UK. Aoui Regala’s ball gown skillfully blends custom embroidery and shimmering details, showcasing her meticulous attention to detail and talent for harmonizing diverse elements seamlessly.

Featured in Tatler UK and British Vogue | Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Classic Silhouette with Outstanding Details

This mermaid gown is adorned with exquisite beadwork, elevating the artfully draped design with elegance. The strategic placement of beads, complementing the gown’s contours, reflects Aoui’s impeccable skill in fusing texture and shape.

Featured in Tatler UK | Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Satin Ball Gown with an Eye-catching Back

This satin gown by Aoui features an eye-catching layered back that adds complexity to the garment’s smooth texture. This thoughtful design element not only boosts the visual interest of the dress but also showcases her flair for modernizing classic silhouettes.

Featured in British Vogue | Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Full Lace and High Neckline

British Vogue surely took notice of the fine lace detailing and elevated neckline on this dress. This ensemble exudes timeless elegance, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. In our opinion, this gown encapsulates what Aoui Regala Atelier stands for—bridal couture that’s rich in texture, full of character, and beautifully classic.

Featured in British Vogue | Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Subtle Elegance and a Versatile Silhouette

This beaded dress strikes a balance between subtlety and attention-grabbing detail, making it a mesmerizing choice for brides. The timeless silhouette makes the gown versatile, suitable for various types of ceremonies, from a grand ballroom event to an intimate garden wedding.

Featured in Tatler UK | Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Upon exploring Aoui Regala Atelier’s additional designs, we couldn’t help but admire her distinctive approach to bridal couture. Each gown is a narrative in fabric, truly reflecting the individuality of the bride it’s designed for. This enduring allure is why we think the atelier continues to catch the eye of the international fashion scene. Here are a few more Aoui Regala creations that took our breath away!

Asymmetrical Off-Shoulder Satin Gown
This gown is the epitome of understated elegance, combining timeless design with a modern twist. The minimalist silhouette is elevated by the off-shoulder detail, creating a seamless blend of classic and contemporary.

Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Tiered Ball Gown Embellished in Lace

Often dubbed the “lace queen,” Aoui’s creations embody her unique vision. This gown is characterized by clean structure, impeccable fit, and a knack for blending laces in a remarkable manner.

Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Modern Lace Filipiniana

This dress takes our breath away with the fusion of tradition and innovation, showcasing Aoui Regala’s mastery of lacework. The intricate lace details highlight the classic Filipiniana silhouette, making it a stunning testament to her exceptional skill and creative vision.

Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Lace, Tulle, and Intricate Beading

This masterpiece combines the ethereal softness of lace and tulle with the intricate artistry of detailed beading. The meticulous attention to detail makes this an eye-catching ensemble with a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Image Courtesy of Aoui Regala

Aoui Regala Atelier’s consistent international recognition testifies to the brand’s unparalleled quality, making them an excellent choice for brides seeking the exceptional.

If you’re on the hunt for bridal attire that’s both captivating and elegant, you’ve found your match! To learn more about how Aoui Regala Atelier can add a touch of magic to your big day, you can connect with them via Instagram, Facebook, or their official website.

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