How Ready Are You for Life After I Do? Here’s a Checklist!

Your suppliers are booked, invitations are sent, the dress fits, and your rings are engraved. All that’s left to do is to finally get married! But, wait. Amidst the busy schedule while tackling the nitty gritty of wedding planning, have you ever paused to ask yourself: How ready am I to be a wife?

There’s a whole new chapter waiting for you beyond the wedding day. So, we came up with this checklist just for you, dear bride-to-be. Sit back, relax, and have fun ticking-off the boxes! And even if you don’t get to put a check mark on all of them, that’s absolutely okay. Part of married life is discovering new things about each other. But, for now, go over this list and see how ready you are for life after I do!


I am definitely willing to let go of: Being makalat My side of the bed Overspending or impulse buying The feeling of having the bed to myself Keeping my online purchases to myself Being in control of which Netflix show to watch

I “can’t wait” to argue about: Who does a house chore better Who is more exhausted for the day The air condition unit’s thermostat Who spent how much on which date How a random object got lost at home How fast or slow should a meal be taken

I am ready to: Wake up to loud snoring Pull up/down the toilet seat Tell a story over and over again Find something lost Listen to a story over and over again Remind how to properly get toothpaste from the tube Consult someone on what to eat three times a day every day of the week

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