Hey Brides and Grooms, We Have Something Exciting for You!

Since 2020 has thrown so many curve balls along your way, know that no matter what, your special day will still happen. It may not be how you imagined it to be, but it will sure be filled with love! Here’s a special video we made especially for you. We hope that it warms your heart as much as it moved us.

As we find ourselves slowly adjusting to our new routines, we know there is no way but to move forward. Let’s do it together.

We are thrilled to invite you, soon-to-wed couples, to a Bride and Breakfast online festival that will help and inspire you to jumpstart your wedding planning again!

What is B&B Deals Fest?

B&B Deals Fest is a 2-week online festival where you can avail amazing wedding deals from an extensive list of trusted suppliers, watch special B&B TV shows, join Zoom classes by wedding experts, and jumpstart your wedding planning again.


Why exactly are we excited?

It’s because we can now all move forward and take steps to planning your beautiful wedding day again! Whether intimate or grand, the Bride and Breakfast Deals Fest will make it easier for you to ease back into wedding planning through the following festival activities:

The B&B Deals Fest Listing: Want to find suppliers for your big day and at the same time figure out what services and packages will really suit your wedding needs? The B&B Deals Fest Listings will be available from June 7-21, 2020. Find the best deals from different wedding suppliers here!

Special B&B TV Shows and Free Classes: Our shows and classes are meant to inform and inspire you on the next steps to take as you plan your wedding today. Talks with wedding experts, celebrities and thought leaders will surely be engaging, informative and practical to the current times. The more you know, the more you can plan!


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What do you need to remember?

Remember that it’s ok to weigh your options and ask questions! Wedding planning is something you still need to enjoy! The B&B Deals Fest is here to make taking steps easier. Remember that we are here to show you that there are plenty of options out there waiting to be discovered. It will make your wedding even more beautiful than you imagined, and we will be with you every step of the way!

We are counting the days to launch this for all couples waiting to say their I do’s. We’ll see you at the Bride and Breakfast Deals Fest on June 7-21 2020, the online wedding planning festival that was made especially for you!

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