Dear Soon-to-Wed Couples in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

An open letter to couples who are struggling to find meaning in all of this chaos.

The COVID-19 outbreak has left the whole world scrambling for answers and figuring out solutions to the different challenges that every industry is facing today. But lets talk about your wedding. Panic sets in because you were supposed to get married in a few days, weeks, or months, and we hear you! We know that you’re scared, confused, and rattled by all of this. We know that you’re worried about logistical nightmares and financial implications of rebookings and refunds. Many of you are on the same boat and you are heard. But a suggestion I would offer is to also give your suppliers time to think, plan and coordinate. Nothing gets solved when all parties are panicking. Discussions will definitely take place in the coming days.


Our hearts break for you. We know some of you were hit by the Taal explosion and had to reschedule. Then this. We know it’s painful. While your concern may not be of death or sickness, a cancelled wedding is still something we know is a stab in the heart. We do not take lightly what you as a couple or family are going through. But the reality is that we are in a situation way beyond anyone’s control. We are in danger as a nation. So we must really take this seriously. Remember that together, we are preserving health and life. And for those who have no choice but to press the pause button, we thank you for the sacrifice you must give as a couple to allow our land to heal. We thank you that your concern extends not only to yourselves but to your guests, and even to your suppliers. While beautifully styled weddings can celebrate your wonderful love stories, this pause celebrates the strength of your relationship. It will be a story you will tell your grand children one day on how you were able to overcome. The sooner we stop the virus from spreading, the sooner we can resume with our plans. We know that there’s still a silver lining in all of this. We wish you and your partner to be well and safe to enjoy the rest of your lives together.


After our government has announced a community quarantine to control the spread of COVID-19, all mass gatherings in Metro Manila, including weddings, are prohibited to push through. You and your suppliers are greatly affected by this, but know that they are rallying behind you to help you sort things out. We know the wedding industry. We know how suppliers truly love their clients, and we are sure that they have your back. Some suppliers have already shared some sample ways on how they can help you out and we are sure more and more suppliers will be pitching in to ease the stress. For now, be encouraged! You have a loving community around you.

“In these trying times, suppliers are more flexible on the issue. Most of our contracts indicate a non-refundable or non-transferable rule should the couple postpone or reschedule the wedding, but we are allowing them now as long as we schedule it within the year or subject to our availability.” - Rhed Sarmiento, Events Planner and Coordinator

“We allow our couples to move to a new date within a year from their original event date without penalty.” -Vatel, Florist

“For clients who wish to postpone orders, we completely understand and will ty to be as flexible as we can within reason. We are with you in practice and in prayer.” - Cay Cuasay of Lucille’s and Cupcake Lab, Cake Baker

“For the consideration of this situation, couples can reschedule their event date without any penalty charges.”- Sitio Elena, Venue

“We are offering rescheduling opportunities without additional fees for weddings affected by the pandemic. We are in close contact with our clients so we can eventually secure a new date and help them coordinate with their other suppliers. Most importantly, we are here to assure them that out team is looking forward to still being part of their union.” - Kirae Salanguit of Passion Cooks, Catering and Event Styling

"We will accept rebookings without any additional fees to a new date as long as their chosen director and/or photographer are available, provided that their new wedding date would fall on 2020/2021. Meanwhile, for meeting requests and inquiries, our team is on standby online, ready to answer queries to help ease their burden and attend to their concerns ASAP. -Mayad, Photo and Video Supplier"

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