Brides are Choosing to Walk Down the Aisle in Custom Wedding Shoes! Here’s Why!

There’re so many things to decide on for your wedding day look—what color palette to use, what style of dress to choose, how high your heels should be—and more often than not, what looks nice usually wins over what is comfortable and practical. You’ll surely look good, but will you feel good too?

These brides wanted both style and comfort when it came to their wedding shoes, so walking down the aisle in a customized pair by Jefferson Si was definitely a non-negotiable. Get to know why they decided to go for custom shoes and how this made their wedding day even more memorable!

These Brides Chose to Walk Down the Aisle in Custom Wedding Shoes by Jefferson Si!

1. The comfort is unbelievable
Our feet vary in size and shape which makes it difficult for us to look for a comfortable pair of shoes. Just imagine how much more challenging it will be for you to find a pair you can comfortably walk in for an average of six hours straight for your wedding day? But you can skip your mall search and just opt to have a custom pair made by Jefferson Si for a sure comfortable fit. Read what this bride had to say!

“I loved it when it was first drawn in front of me. I loved it when I first wore it and I loved it when I was running around the city (in 5 inch heels) taking pictures during my wedding day. I love the shoes really! They’re super sexy and comfortable.” (Kaye Mendoza-Albrecht)


2. The fit is perfect
You’ll know if a shoe fits perfectly if your toes are not clumped up together uncomfortably or the slope of the heel is not straining your ankles. This bride sure had a wonderful experience with her custom shoes which didn’t strain her feet even after wearing it for 15 hours straight!

“Having Jefferson Si shoes for my wedding was the best decision I made to complete my bridal look. These are the most comfy heels ever! It fits the shape of my feet perfectly. I wore it for 15 hours and didn’t even feel the need to change to a different pair of shoes for the after party. The best part is I woke up the next day without feeling tired or having strained feet. Thank you, Jefferson Si!” (Issa Velasquez-Reyes)


3. They reflect one’s personality
You can style your wedding day any way you want to–from your overall motif down to the color of your shoes! It’s going to be one of the best days of your life so go ahead and make it truly your own. This bride definitely did!

“Thank you so much for making my not-so-common color combination but super comfy bridal shoes. I wore it for 12 hours (including pre- and post-ceremony pictorial, bridal march, first dance and after party). That is a record for someone who is so used to wearing flats all her life. And you made the pair extra special because it represents me. Here’s the proof that I danced wearing it.” (Celine Anne Go-Atienza)


4. The design is unique and distinct
Of course you’ll want your wedding look to standout, right? Right! Show your unique style by choosing an uncommon color combination or incorporate unique textures that represent you. These brides had very specific requests for their wedding shoes and they were so happy with the output!

“Thank you Jefferson Si for the one-of-a kind bridal shoes. Our coordinator kept asking me if I wanted go slip into slippers during the reception and I kept saying no. I loved how you incorporated lace and lambskin into a design that was feminine and comfortable. I wore them for our first dance also! They are fantastic! Thank you for my dream wedding shoes!” (Joan Encarnacion-Muncal)


“I am a size 4. I thought having a stiletto as my bridal shoes is so impossible until I met Jefferson Si. He is an angel sent from above. He made my shoes so comfortable though it’s a 5-inch stilettos with 1.5-inch platform in genuine leather. From morning to evening, my feet never got tired.” (Rebekah Joyce Yu-Medina)


5. They match the wedding theme
Staying in theme can be quite challenging with all the different elements you have to consider and put together. This bride wanted to tick off one item from her list so she went for a custom wedding shoe by Jefferson Si. Oh how lovely she looked!


6. They’re Filipino-made
Imagine walking down the aisle in a proudly Filipino-made pair of shoes! Now that’s adding value to your every step. Jefferson Si supports local artisans who have a good eye for detail and excellent craftsmanship. Read how this bride loved her locally-made wedding shoes!

“I’m one happy and satisfied customer of yours and I definitely would recommend you in a heartbeat. Again, thank you so much for making my wedding shoes! It was such an honor to wear one of your creations and also proud that it’s Filipino-made. May you continue to make more brides and grooms happy as they walk to their forever wearing one of the most classy and sophisticated pair of shoes. Cheers!” (Michelle Caraos-Clary)


7. Overseas brides can order a pair easily
You can measure the reliability of a supplier based on how responsive they are with your inquiries and their eagerness to help you out with your concerns. This takes extra effort from suppliers so when they do, you know that you’re in good hands. Through the years, Jefferson Si has mastered a systematic online process where he accommodates all his overseas and international clients. This ensures every detail is covered including the perfect fit of the shoes for every bride. Take it from this overseas bride who had no problems ordering her custom shoes.

“When I saw the designs of Jefferson Si, I fell in love right away. I am based overseas but this was not a hindrance during the process. It was easy to communicate with Jefferson as he tries to respond as soon as possible and he makes suggestions when things get confusing. I sent my measurements thru Viber and got my beautiful pair of platforms on time. True enough, it is very comfortable. I was able to wear it throughout the wedding and I can’t deny the fact that it is very beautiful. I am in love with the color and style. It definitely added to my confidence during the most important milestone in my life. Thank you so much Jefferson and hopefully this is not the last time that I would able to wear a Jefferson Si shoe.” (Shailah Maika Ballano)


8. Jefferson Si can customize your groom’s and entourage’s shoes 
Your big day is as important to your family and entourage as much as it is for you, so getting them a custom pair of shoes to remember your wedding day by will definitely be a well appreciated gift! It can also be your gratitude gift to your mom and to your mother-in-law for all they have given you. Read what this bride had to say.

“His attention to detail, profound knowledge of the craft and work ethic is remarkable. Add the instant warmth you feel once you get into a conversation with him—it doesn’t really feel like you’re a client and he’s a supplier. He has honest opinions and only the best recommendations (even practical life advice) just for you. It’s no wonder that I didn’t really need any persuasion to have him make our shoes for the wedding — mine, the groom’s, both MOH’s and my mama’s. My pair of lovely Swarovski crystal encrusted rose gold block heels was intact from the preps up until the afterparty. Quality and comfort in one. Yes it’s possible, ladies! Jefferson Si truly made an impression not just in our feet, but in our hearts as well.” (Abby Ty-Roque)

“Our shoes were perfect! I though I was wearing sneakers. They were so comfortable but very elegant! Thank you again!” (Francis Roque)


9. Brides and grooms can have matching shoes made for the little ones, too!
How cute is it to have matching shoes with your flower girls and ring bearers? They can wear custom shoes too which will fit their tiny little feet perfectly and your theme seamlessly! Look at how cute this family’s shoes are.

“I am beyond words as to how happy you made me and my little family with your creations. You have translated our hearts and souls into exquisite pieces that carried us through the most memorable event in our life, so far. I am simply in awe with the passion that you have in your craft that you were able to deliver flawlessly. I will always treasure the newfound friendship we have and we will more definitely see you again!” (Ross, Maan, and Via Nisce)


These brides were not the only ones who fell in love with a Jefferson Si creation. Even celebrities and personalities have trusted the brand for its quality and reliability. They sure look stunning!

Gretchen Ho, Host
Jessy Mendiola, Actress
Kylie Padilla, Actress
Andoy Ranay, Film Director
Claudine Barretto, Actress


Start with your own custom pair now! For orders and inquiries, send a message to +63 917 779 5710 or to Visit the Jefferson Si website, Facebook, and Instagram for more details.

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