These 6 Makeup Artists Give Makeup Tips for Morena, Mestiza, and Chinita Skin Tones

Makeup isn’t as simple as choosing the colors and products that you like. One very important factor in doing your makeup and choosing your makeup products is taking into account your skin type and tone. Are you a darker skinned morena beauty? Are you a fairer skinned mestiza belle? Or are you a paler skinned chinita darling? I’ve asked six makeup artists for their tips on beauty and skincare when it comes to different kinds of skin tones, and you’re going to want to read what these pros have to say!

Bride and Breakfast: Beauty These 6 Makeup Artists Give Makeup Tips for Morena, Mestiza, and Chinita Skin Tones



Most morenas have a warm undertone, that’s why it’s so important not to use foundation that’s on the cooler side and is lighter than your skin tone. It will make the skin look ashy instead of sun kissed. Most morenas also experience hyper pigmentation around the eyes and mouth. This can be corrected by using a peach toned corrector before applying foundation. Lastly, bronzer is a morena girl’s best friend! Skip the contour, and use a bronzer with shimmer to add warmth and dimension to the face. – Iya Gueco

People used to have this stigma about morena skin and how it was hard to put makeup on, but I find it easier because their skin is already very rich in color, so even adding a little bit of color already makes them look made up. I would recommend a peach, apricot, pinkish, or bronze color rather than old rose and mauve, as they tend to look dull on darker skin tones. – Denise Ochoa

Yellow or olive undertones flatter morenas the best. Always choose a foundation that matches your skin tone by doing a stripe test from the front of your ear down to your jaw line and neck. The correct shade that matches your skin tone should be “invisible” when blended as if you are not wearing any foundation at all. If you cannot find your shade, sometimes it is best to mix two to three foundation shades to find your perfect match. – Bea Almeda

Make sure that the foundation matches the skin tone. Earth toned color palettes usually work best. The current bronzy and dewy makeup trend also works very well on morena skin. – Mariah Santos

Use warm tones of makeup. Morenas can get away with darker hues, and will still look natural. Peach, bronze, and reddish browns work well on morenas. You can also choose a highlighter that has a warm gold hue to it–whether you choose liquid, cream, or powder–any formula works as long as it’s not the white or silver tone that clashes with your skin tone. – Ria Aquino

Due to the deep skin tone color, morenas can carry strong eye colors ranging from hunter green, royal blue, bright pink, and black and brown hues. For blush, you can try raspberry and magenta shades. Lip shades in berry hues and magenta colors also look good for this skin tone. – Acie Fores



One trick I usually do is to brighten up the eyes by applying different techniques like using thick lashes, dipliners, checkliners, and white eyeliner. This will make the eyes look bigger, and therefore make emotions register better on camera. – Mariah Santos

Makeup colors for chinitas (and even mestizas) range from the rosy, plum, and neutral brown color family. When applying makeup, it is best to contour and highlight the face using the appropriate colors. This technique brings out the facial features and brings depth to the face. Cheek colors such as peachy and medium pink browns look good, and lip colors in the nude pink families also work well. For red colors, look for blue based reds as this makes the teeth look whiter. – Acie Fores

Lashes make a big difference. Whether natural or full volume, lashes on chinitas make a huge impact as it opens up the eyes. Try using lid tape (this is a good trick for those with mono-lid eyes or eyes that you want to make look more symmetrical) to add depth. – Ria Aquino

Most chinitas have tight, fair skin with a yellow tone. They are the best candidates for the glass skin or dewy skin look. After your base routine–foundation or tinted moisturizer and concealer–just put powder on the T-zone or oil prone areas, and go ham with highlighter on the high points of your face. I’d recommend a cream-based highlighter stick for a more natural look. Chinitas can also take full advantage of that Asian flush, and use a cream or liquid based cheek tint. – Iya Gueco

Generally, most people would enlarge the eyes with liner, but I like using a different method because sometimes I find it heavy, especially during the daytime. Putting the right kind of eyelashes and accentuating it with the right kind of eyeliner (maybe a dark brown gel which you can apply with a light touch, just to shape the eyelid) really enhances the eyes. – Denise Ochoa



Since mestizas’ skin tone is fair, makeup when applied can be very visible at once. A little product goes a long way. So unless you want a dramatic evening look, you can go with lighter colors of pink, peach, or light brown. A nice blush may sometimes do the trick. You can also opt for a cream blush to keep it most natural and have that dewy effect. – Ria Aquino

Most mestizas tend to have thin and pale skin, which is why dark circles around the eyes can be a problem for most. Color correcting using a peach toned corrector is key to hiding those dark circles and evening out the skin tone. You can do this right before you apply foundation and concealer. You can also mix in some liquid highlighter to your foundation routine for that glowy look. – Iya Gueco

Cool toned foundations are suitable for fair-skinned mestizas. As for the eyes, blush, and lips, pink tones usually tend to flatter them the best. To avoid looking pale, you can also opt for bright and vivid colors as this will definitely pop on on your light, milky skin. This summer, staying golden is all the rave, but highlighters with silver, blue, or pink undertones will work best on your skin. – Bea Almeda

I would usually use some warm toned makeup to put more emphasis on mestizas’ complexions, and finish off with a bright toned lippie. Highlighters are also best for mestizas. – Mariah Santos

Light peaches and pinks work well for fair skin tones. Just be careful with bronzers because they can sometimes look too orange when applied on the skin. You can also opt for a more matte finish in terms of bronzer, and a good champagne highlighter that’s more bright and luminous rather than glittery. – Denise Ochoa

Most mestizas have deep set eyes, which are the perfect canvass for different eye makeup looks. You can actually play around the most when it comes to colors and eye makeup styles. Since mestiza skin usually falls on the neutral to cool spectrum, you can get away with different colors. Just don’t forget to blend, blend, blend! And finish it off with eyeliner and mascara for even more definition. – Iya Gueco


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