6 Things to Consider When Choosing the Wedding Singer or Band for Your Wedding

We hear this a lot: good food, good company, and good music make up an amazing wedding. Today, we’ll be focusing on the third element: good music. Having tasteful music playing on your big day makes all the difference, and I think we can all agree that it becomes even more special when there’s a live band or singer performing. So for that wedding celebration to remember, make sure to consider these things before deciding on the wedding performer for your big day. We also asked a few of our event coordinator friends to help us come up with a list of wedding singers and bands that will certainly add life to your celebration, so scroll all the way down!

Make sure that the singer’s or band’s style and genre fit yours and your guests’ taste. Are you more of a pop, jazz, or classical music type of person? It’s also important to think about how the singer’s or band’s style of dressing suits your wedding theme. Do you prefer a more casual, laidback take, or a more formal, dressy one?


It’s nice if the singer or band has a set playlist of top and classic hits–after all, they’re the experts in this field! But it would also be nice if you can request particular songs, right? Just make sure to trust and respect their talent, so don’t dictate their set list. But do make it known to them that you’d love for your favorites to be played too, and ask if that’s okay with them.


With experience comes confidence, and it’s always best when performers bring an air of confidence to the stage! That’s not to say that new bands and singers aren’t amazing either. Seeing and hearing them for yourself would be a great idea, or actually, even just having a lot of friends refer them to you is already a great sign.


There are some cases where bands have different members for different events. So connecting this to the previous point of seeing and hearing the singer or band perform with your own eyes and ears, you have to clarify with them if they will be the final band members for your big day. This assures you of getting the group you really want.


It’s important to know whether they’ll be providing everything that is needed to set up at the wedding, or if will you have to be providing them with anything extra. Note that a venue usually only provides the basic sound system, which can usually only support the microphones and basic instruments. Next, have a clear idea of how many and how large the band’s equipment is, and how long it will take them to set everything up, so that you can coordinate with your venue too.


It’s always a good idea to ask them questions like if ceremony music and cocktail music are included in their package, if after-party DJ services are offered, and how much their overtime fees are. Also, it’s a must to establish from the start how many hours the singer or the band will be singing or playing for.


1. 3rd Avenue

2. AMP Big Band

3. Manila Philharmonic Orchestra

4. Manila String Machine

5. Noel Cabangon

6. Powerhouse Band

7. Side A

8. Sitti

9. Skarlet Swing Machine

10. Sound Salad

11. Sub Projekt

12. Uno Ritmo

13. Up Dharma Down

14. Yeng Constantino


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