8 Tips for Writing Heartfelt and Genuine Wedding Vows to Your Partner

Vows are one of my favorite parts of a wedding. There’s just something so significant about witnessing a bride and groom make promises to each other. Whether it’s something as serious as vowing to love, cherish, and support each other, or even something as lighthearted as vowing to allow your partner to choose which show to watch on Netflix every Friday, the best vows are always the most heartfelt and genuine ones. So if you’re looking for some tips for writing some of the best vows for the love of your life, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling!


Insert a few details about how you first met to give your wedding guests a background of how it all began, and recall the many milestones you achieved together. When did you first meet, and what were your first impressions of each other? Maybe talk about what you’ve been through together, and what you’ve supported each other though.


The best vows are always the most genuine ones. Make sure your personality shines through your speech. If you’re not comfortable speaking in a formal tone, don’t force it. If you want to add humor, go ahead. Don’t be afraid to call each other by your pet names, bring out inside jokes, and be cheesy and sappy. Be your most natural self–that’s who your partner fell in love with in the first place. Smile, laugh, cry, and live and love in the moment–it’s your big day, after all.


Vows don’t just have to be written speeches. If you want to go the extra mile by writing a poem or composing a song for your soon-to-be hubby, then I’m sure it will make for a memorable vow. Just make sure that whatever you do speaks from your heart. I’m sure that with the effort you put into your vow, your partner will truly appreciate it.


You can also opt to grab that one quote that just speaks so strongly to your heart (and accurately about your relationship). Including quotes, be it from your loved one, a movie, your favorite song, or any figure you admire, would be great! It may not be ‘genuine’ per se, since it’s not written by you, but as long as you 100% agree with it, then that’s totally fine, and it will still be as endearing.


Sometimes it’s the small things that leave a mark, so try jotting down the little things that you absolutely love about your partner. What qualities do you admire most in your partner? What inspires you about him? Are there things that he does that you love? This is the time to publicly announce your appreciation for your fiance!


Unless you really mean them, try to stay away from cliches. Go for something heartfelt and sincere–words that aren’t borrowed from anyone else, but are your own. So skip the rom-coms and instead, dig deep into your heart for a genuineness only you can give your partner. Trust me with this, ladies.


I know, I know, saying things like, “I promise to cook breakfast for you every morning” is incredibly romantic, but would you really? Make your promises realistic, and be truthful with what you say (don’t be afraid to talk about your flaws, no one’s perfect!).


At the end of your vow, don’t forget to summarize! Tie all the thing you’ve just said together–how the two of you met, what you love about each other, the promises you made–then come up with a beautiful conclusion. Think about what you would like to accomplish together, what you’re looking forward to the most, or even just how you feel today at your wedding. Have your happy ending inspire your guests and most importantly, yourselves!


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