A Cute Korean-Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot

Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)! If you’re wondering why I just greeted you guys in Korean, it’s because today’s couple chose to have a Korean-inspired pre-wedding shoot, and I’m totally hooked! To be honest, everything looks so romantic that I thought the pictures sent to us were stills from a romantic TV drama or something! I’m pretty sure you’d also love the laid-back feel and the couple’s stylish outfits! And speaking of outfits, our bride-to-be styled them herself! Impressive, right?! Kudos to Amilon Ignacio Photography for capturing the sweetest moments of Otep and Pia’s shoot! All that said, we better have a look at them down below!

Photographer: Amilon Ignacio Photography / Hairstylist: Renzo Lusterio / Makeup Artist: Bianca Umali / Stylist: Pia Cohamco
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The Look