An Outdoor Engagement Shoot in Sagada

I love how couples nowadays have gone above and beyond for their pre-wedding photo shoot! This feature was taken in a foresty mountain, and it’s as beautiful as you can imagine it to be! But aside from the location, the photographer, Colove Studios, did an amazing job! While you’re looking at his photos, you can easily admire the couple, Bob and Zab–so young and in love! There are just so many photos that made my jaw drop. Check it out yourself and scroll down! You’ll end up wishing that this photo album was yours!

Photographer: Colove Studios / Videographer: Forevermine Wedding Films / Makeup Artist: Katrina Guzon / Hairstylist: Patrick John Domingo / Stylist: Indie Hippie Style
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The Look




  1. Great eye in photography. Awesome color grading, thus bringing new perspective of love and drama. I so love Colove. ❤❤❤

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