These Dresses by RoyAnne Camillia Will Make You Fall in Love With Delicate Details!

Hey, ladies! I’m very excited to show you today’s Fashion Friday feature, care of Polk Studios. It contains some of my favorite elements–think: intricate bodices and fine lace details. These four dresses from local designer RoyAnne Camillia, are enchantingly lovely. I just can’t get enough of them! The elegant train with the gold fringed lace is just so swoon-worthy! And let’s not forget that stunning ball gown with the flower patterned bodice–I have to say that one took my breath away. Actually, they’re all gorgeous, I just can’t seem to pick a favorite. I’m sure you’ll have a pretty hard time choosing one too. So go on and enjoy these beauties!

Designer: RoyAnne Camillia / Photographer: Polk Studios
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