Honoring the Adventurous, the Bold, and the Chic of 2016

The new year is almost upon us, and we can’t wait! But before all the merry-making begins, we’d like to take a moment and look back at what a wonderful year 2016 has been by honoring the adventurous, the bold, and the chic! Anything and everything written and posted in 2016 was taken into consideration and we chose some of our favorites. Here they are!

This place is the ultimate definition of Adventurous! They’ve got the country’s tallest swing, an aerial walk, a roller coaster zipline, a rappelling and climbing wall, ATVs, and an outdoor archery range! With all of these things in one place, how could we not put it on the list?


When you think adventurous, you don’t really think bridal gown, do you? Well, today you’re in luck! Check out this Elizabeth Hallie Vy creation! This gown is The One for an adventurous and daring bride who just doesn’t follow the norm. We salute you!


Jeroen and Marion have redefined the meaning of #couplesgoals with their adventurous pre-wedding shoot. Look at that waterfall! And don’t you just want to sigh at that totally romantic night under the stars?


Pokemon and weddings? Do you think it will work? One look at these Pokemon-inspired rings and you’ll totally agree. This is the perfect example of mixing a little adventure and fun into your wedding!


Invitations are usually white with hints of pastel colors like pink and peach. So you can imagine why these invitations made it to our list! The black background is definitely an attention-grabber, but the hints of burgundy and emerald (also bold colors) balance it out, and make it bold yet classy.


Here’s another gown we just had to honor! And you can see why! It’s a rarity to see a bride in a non-white gown–especially one that’s red! Kudos to the bride Kat, who definitely looks amazing in her gorgeous burgundy gown!


Here’s another rarity: the pantsuit gown. Who says you have to wear a dress anyway? While the pantsuit may be for the more bold and daring of brides, we can’t deny that this woman is totally rocking the pantsuit look!


From Pokemon to Star Wars, we absolutely love how these couples incorporate their geeky personalities in the little things in their weddings. Like these boutonnières from Jolo and Ish’s wedding! Definitely a bold move that we are totally digging!


This fabulously pinkish purplish bouquet of flowers by Teddy Manuel is not only chic, but rare too. With its different colored petals and foliage, we just can’t stop looking!


We love when a cake has character! And this lovely peach marble creation with a beautiful gold finish is absolute perfection! Though it may seem simple, this is definitely one chic cake!


There’s something about a black-and-white color palette that just says it all. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and chic. With the golden plate chargers, the black ribbons, the white candles, and the cascading orchids above, this tropical colonial styled wedding and its fabulous table setting booked a permanent spot on this list.


It’s not just about the dress or the decor or even the cake, shoes also play a huge part on a woman’s special day. Check out Karen’s super chic shoes! Its intricate detailing with just the right amount of glitter, make us all so jealous!


So there you have it! The adventurous, the bold, and the chic of 2016! With all these amazing things on the list, we have no doubt that this year was a wonderful year. But what will 2017 bring us? We can’t wait to see!


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