5 Relationship Realizations We Picked Up from Karel and Sean’s Wedding Video

Finally, one of our beautiful B&B couples is officially married! It feels like just a few days ago when we were with Sean and Karel shooting their pre-wedding feature for the site. Sneak peeks of their wedding day got us swooning over how gorgeous it was, but now that Treehouse Story has released their SDE, we saw that a lot of us can actually relate to their love story. So here are five relationship realizations we’ve had just by watching the video.

1. Second chances are possible.

Who here isn’t a fan of second chances? We all have moments when life takes a different turn. Although Sean is not the biological father of Karel’s sweet children, his decision to marry Karel is also a manifestation that he is committed to loving not only her, but her children as well. It may be unconventional, but it reminds us that the twists and turns in our lives can lead to a greater story and to another beautiful beginning–that when we fall, we get back up.

“Thank you for loving us, our family—Keiley, Kyler, and I.” – Karel

“You and the kids are the most wonderful thing. You all mean the world to me.” – Sean

2. It’s not about the price, but the meaning behind it.

Kudos to Karel for two things: getting a gift she truly knew was a dream gift for her fiancé, and being innovative about it. Purchasing a secondhand car (we loved that she thought of that!) and working for months to get a gift that she and her now husband can actually use together, was an awesome idea. Even though most of us can’t necessarily afford it, I think it’s universal that we all desire to give something really special to the people we love. And how we are motivated to work hard to give and make them feel special.

Now as for Sean, we could totally see how surprised he was! (Awww! Any man would be!) And the fact that he doesn’t care it’s secondhand, is pretty cool too.

“Oh my… You’re gonna make me cry and it’s not even our wedding [yet]… I love you so much.” – Sean

3. We’re done with the bad boys. Bring in the good fellas!

You know those movies where the guy gets all the girl points when he babysits or brings kids to the park? I think it’s pretty obvious that the world likes guys who are good to the kiddos. Did you see Sean fixing the hair of Kyler? ADORABLE.

4. We’re all suckers for modern chivalry.

We’re not saying every relationship should be a me-and-you-against-the-world kind of thing, but it certainly is romantic that despite the trials in a relationship, you have someone who will actually fight for you. Someone who will conquer life’s challenges with you, dream with you, and protect you.

“One of the most important things I’ve learned, is fighting for what you want the most. God, and everyone here in this world knows how much I’ve fought for you.” – Sean

5. The guy who walks the talk is a good choice.

When it gets down to business, fewer words but more actions can actually be a good thing for a relationship. In the years that these two were together, Sean didn’t need a lot of words to prove his love (We think he’s proven it way before walking down the aisle.) But when a person desires to be the best for you, it certainly makes a whole world of difference.

“I swear, in front of God, that I’ll be the best husband you could ever imagine. You are my world, my life, and my everything. Thank you for sharing your heart with me, eternally.” – Sean

Videographer: Treehouse Story
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