3 Reasons Why Solaire is the Perfect Place to Have Your Wedding

Ian and I had one of our busiest stretches for work. Shoots, workshops, and just making sure the websites were in order filled up most of our days. We needed a break, and a really nice one at that. We decided to spend the weekend in Solaire, just us. It was my first time ever to spend the night there, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I kid you not, it was one of the best staycations we’ve had! Of course, being the wedding enthusiast that I am, I always see places from a bride’s standpoint. And since the experience was really amazing, I decided to write about it. Here are some of my reasons why you’ll really consider doing your wedding here.

1. Solaire speaks of luxury.

Let me start this off with my most favorite part of our staycation, our room! With its delicate interior surrounded by intricate linen and detailed marbles, the corner suite easily took our breath away, leaving us totally at a loss for words. The picturesque view was beyond amazing, because nothing speaks luxury more than waking up to a view of the ocean. It was so fascinating that I could already envision the spacious area being the honeymoon suite or the bride’s room I would stay in on the day I would get married.

Our stomachs were floating on cloud nine the whole time we were there, as the snacks were heavenly. My sweet tooth couldn’t stop devouring the chocolate covered strawberries—I guarantee that this is perfect for newlyweds to nibble on as well.

As weddings are ideally grand and generally considered a formal event, you’ll want a place that exudes the significance of the day. If you think an upscale room is already more than what you could ever dream of, then I suggest that you take a tour around the hotel. Walk through the garden cafe filled with trees and flowers. Ian and I had a lovely afternoon drinking high tea at Oasis Garden Café.

Along the brasserie is Fresh, where we ate a scrumptious breakfast buffet the next morning. The grandeur of the hotel doesn’t stop there for it actually only begins once you step foot in their ballroom.

So if you wanna go big and luxurious on your wedding day, Solaire is definitely the place to do it.


2. Good food = good experience.

The way to a good experience is through the stomach. Ian and I dressed up to the nines and headed down for a night of good food and great conversation. We had our six-course dinner at Finestra, Solaire’s fine dining Italian restaurant.

My mouth had to multi-task, as I was grinning from ear to ear while raving and ravishing on the delicious meals. Each dish that was served to us was a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Foie gras flown in from France plus great wine pairings? A perfect combination for the ambiance and the food. For couples out there, Finestra is the most romantic place for small weddings, despedida de solteras, or even engagement parties.


3. Chill honeymoon vacation for the newlyweds.

We all know that wedding planning can get out of hand sometimes, but there’s nothing stressful that a good massage cannot solve. Now whether it’s before you tie the knot, or perhaps after the special day, getting a full body massage as a couple at the Solaire Spa is a must. Trust me, after you get one, you will be grateful that I insisted. It’s also possible to do the spa service in room.

Don’t forget to plunge in the pool area! Because what better way to celebrate your being Mr. and Mrs. than a good dip in the water, and maybe an order of the two of your favorite drink as you experience the time of your lives.

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