Casual and Cozy

Imagine dancing in the rain with the love of your life, then going indoors for a hot cup of chocolate as you whip something up in the kitchen together for a warm and cozy day in. Did I just hear you sigh?! Well I’m not blaming you, because I’ve sighed more than my fingers can count as I was browsing through Paolo and Gib’s cozy engagement photos. I’m loving the super homey and romantic vibes of their pre-wedding shoot. Sigh. And if you’re poking fun at my romantic daydreams, I dare you to browse through this sigh-inducing set of shots courtesy of Bryan Venancio without also wishing you had your very own cuddle buddy to snuggle up to. Enjoy!

Photographer: Bryan Venancio / Venue: Antipolo Beehouse / Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Anthea Bueno / Stylist: Bianca Sing
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