Seaside Sweetness

Alright, you guys. This wedding is truly one for the books! A pure, genuine, and intimate celebration. Just the way I like it! The lovely color palette matched with the beauty of the sea, sunset, and the starry sky is just fantabulous. What can go wrong with that combo? A big hug to Redsheep Photo Cinema for showing us these wonderful snaps! Check them out and for sure you’ll love them too!

Photographer and Videographer: Redsheep Photo Cinema / Ceremony and Reception Venue: Stunning Republic Resort & Papaya Beach
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The Look




  1. I completely agree with you! This wedding is absolutely stunning and Redsheep Photo Cinema did an amazing job capturing the beauty and intimacy of the celebration. The color palette is perfect and complements the gorgeous scenery of the sea, sunset, and starry sky so well. It’s truly a dream wedding come true! The Stunning Republic Resort & Papaya Beach looks like the perfect venue for such an occasion, and I’m sure the couple had a wonderful time. These photos are definitely a treasure that the couple will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing!

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