Which of These 8 Bridal Gowns Match Your Personality?

Looking for the perfect bridal gown is more than just how it looks, but it also has something to do with your personality. You’re going to wear your gown of choice on one of the best and most celebrated days of your life, so you need to make sure it’s totally gorgeous, and totally you. How to find out which bridal gown matches your personality, you ask? Luckily, we can help you discern that with these beautiful gowns by Elizabeth Hallie Design! Read on!

1. The Princess Bride
Ball gowns, low chandeliers, and a vast dance floor are what you envision on your wedding. You’re definitely a charmer, and you want to look like and be a princess on your big day! Your desires are as big as your heart, and you want everything to have the maximum amount of fluff–in a tasteful way, of course! Oh, and ribbons? Totally up your alley!


2. The Bold and Confident
You love a good challenge! You’re the bride who wants to grab the chance to wear something out of the ordinary since it looks good on you and it’s your wedding day. You believe that the bride should get a free pass to do whatever they please as long as it’s not offensive and can help build the wedding of your dreams. A stunning serpentina gown like this could be The One for you!


3. The Traditional and Timeless
You’re the girl that comes to mind when someone mentions the word “bride”. Long hair, demure in all-white, and soft, sweet smile. You’re one for organization and order, and you like planning out your day. Almost nothing catches you off guard, and you’re somehow always in a pleasant mood. You wanna be able to look at your photos and feel like it was just yesterday with the look you’re going for. How nice!


4. The Romantic Luxe
This is for the bride-to-be who’s in love with love. You’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life, and you just fancy the idea of grandness and weddings. You’re one to add a little dramatic flair in every pose, because why not?! This only happens once in your life, and you want it to be perfect. Work it!


5. The Sophisticated Yet Daring
Going for mild edginess, you’re the type of bride who’s not afraid to make a statement by wearing a bold red lip or having unconventional décor. You’re the bride, after all, so all eyes will naturally be on you! You’re a go-getter and not afraid to do what you want as long as it makes you happy. You go, girl!


6. The Sweet and Fun
You’re the bride who everyone thinks is so sweet and adorable, and while true, that’s not all there is with you–you wanna have fun, too! You wanna have that balance of being the most beautiful person in the room, and at the same time relate to your guests. Beneath all the formalities is the bride who wants to let loose and treat her wedding as a big, beautiful party!


7. The Modern City Bride
You love the idea of fusing modern looks to a grand or formal occasion, which always ends up in your favor. You’re the type of bride who’s fashion forward, so naturally, you want your gown to define that for you! Versatile, nontraditional, and adventurous are key terms that describe you. And people love having you around!


8. The Whimsical Wonder Bride
Of big dreams and fairytale wonderlands, you’re the type of bride who wants to embody fictional love stories in her wedding and make it come to life! You’re all for the sparkle, shimmer, and lots of flowers. You imagine your first kiss as a married couple to be at a beautiful meadow just as the sun sets–wouldn’t that sound like the dreamiest love story ever told?


So, brides-to-be, did you find yourself in one of the brides above? Why don’t you tell us which one you relate to the most by dropping a comment below or sharing this post? We always love hearing from you! Enjoy your day, lovelies!

Designer: Elizabeth Hallie Vy / Photographer: Charisma Lico / Makeup Artist: Effie Inigo / Hairstylist: Kenjie Apostadero / Jewelry: Denovo Diamonds
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