Bubbly Besties

Ariel and Jess’ engagement shoot got me hooked by the sight of their cute little dog. Call it cheesy, but I find it adorable when I see couples with pets! I was smitten by their “family photo” with the dog in it, but as I went through their photos, the couple drew me in more with their sweet and playful charm. It’s one of those simple engagement shoots shot in the most basic setting, a home, where you can see them in their most comfortable and happy selves. See how Bespoke Studio was able to capture Ariel, Jess, and their cute Pomeranian in the photos below!

Photographer: Bespoke Studio / Makeup Artist: Creole David / Hairstylist: Iris Balares / Stylist: Iris Balares
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    1. Thanks for your inquiry! We’re sorry, but the suppliers list the couple gave are all that we have. We’ll leave your comment here, and hopefully if the bride sees it, she can chime in. Thanks!

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