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Hey there lovelies! We have a special announcement! We are super excited to finally tell you about our newly launched Bride and Breakfast Wedding Community Facebook Group Yes, you read that right! We’re making a wedding community that’s all about helping each other out make wedding planning easier! (We all know how stressful that is, right?)

So what exactly is the Bride and Breakfast Wedding Community?

The community is a place where brides can ask the Bride and Breakfast team, wedding suppliers, and fellow brides questions regarding wedding style and inspiration. From picking out the theme, the wedding program flow, down to your wedding reception playlist, you name it–we’ll have answers for you! And you know that we’re all about helping you girls out, right? So in keeping the community’s goal of helping you in all aspects of wedding style and inspiration, the team will approve and moderate posts and comments to avoid unrelated topics. This is also to make your experience in the community easier!

It’s a place where you can ask questions such as “I’m thinking of having a marsala wedding, what color goes well with it?”, “How can I creatively ask my girlfriends to be my bridesmaids?”, “What song can I walk down the aisle to?” and the like. And so as much as we want to accommodate everyone, this community is NOT meant to be a place where you can ask about suppliers, rate or give feedback on vendors, and promote services and goods; all to avoid biases.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Bride and Breakfast Wedding Community and we promise to make your wedding planning life easier and prevent you (with all our might) from becoming a bridezilla! Happy planning!


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