22 Love Quotes That Will Make Your Day

Being that we are suckers for love and everything else in between, we have decided to prepare something special for everyone. Single or taken, wife or bride-to-be, we’re sure you’ll definitely get a good laugh from what we are about to show you!

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the cutest, sweetest, and funniest love quotes you’ll be laughing your eyes out to! Save your favorite one and you can repost them and see how your loved ones will react!

Get your Pinning and Instagramming skills game on, girls and boys. Ready, set, GO!

We didn’t forget all you single ladies and gentlemen out there!

Don’t you just love that last line? Kidding aside, looking forward to celebrating our favoritest holiday! Advanced happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Don’t forget to use #bnbvalentines for the hashtag!

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