Fashion Friday: Ivory and Lace Wedding Dresses

Here at Bride and Breakfast, we love featuring gowns that will make any girl giddy with delight. Though we’ve written about various international collections, we also like to tell our readers what’s available locally. Today’s featured dresses will surely be a treat for brides who love style and are also looking for budget-friendly pieces. Ivory and Lace wedding dresses are found in The Landmark department store. Wait a minute! Did I just say The Landmark? I totally did! Unknown to many, there are quite a number of good bridal finds in The Landmark. Believe me! I’ve shopped there myself. I was so thrilled to have the chance to work with wedding photographer Benjie Tiongco in shooting these gorgeous pieces because I know it’s a chance for us to show our readers affordable options. Not only that! Ivory and Lace has partnered with Bride and Breakfast in giving away a 10% discount coupon (you’ll find it below) that our followers get to enjoy. Just screen shot or print the coupon and you are set! Finding dresses as low as P20,000? I’d say that’s a pretty darn good deal.

Oh and if you’re loving the colorful wall and decor in this shoot, Early Bird Breakfast Club is a great location to do shoots, bridal showers, and eat yummy food! Special thanks to Jasmine Mendiola and Benjie Angeles for dolling up our model!

Have an awesome Friday everyone!

Save this coupon on your phone or print it out and present to any Ivory and Lace representative.

Photographer: Benjie Tiongco / Makeup Artist: Jasmine Mendiola / Hairstylist: Benjie Angeles / Shoot Location: Early Bird Breakfast Club / Wedding Dresses: Ivory and Lace at The Landmark
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