Nymphs and Nests

And so the story begins. A man falls hopelessly in love with a beautiful nymph in an enchanted forest… But wait a minute! What seems to be images from a dream is just making my imagination run wild. This editorial collaboration between Marlon Capuyan, Styling by Aira Franco, Fritz Mortel and {etc} Handmade goodness is the epitome of the term less is more. We are amazed at how only four elements made this shoot a true example of dreamy elegance: Great photography, that exquisitely-brilliant-and-to-die-for nest-inspired head wreath, the pretty and frothy blush dress, and amazing surroundings of trees and rivers. Oh now I wish we could see more of these types of ethereal shoots for real couples–it’s everything romantic that’s for sure. Remember folks, simple can be beautiful!

Photographer: Marlon Capuyan / Styling: Styling by Aira Franco / Head Wreath: {etc} Handmade Goodness / Hair and Make-up: Fritz Mortel
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