Fashion Friday: Pronovias Bridal Fashion 2014

Okay, I cannot even begin to start about how genius the design team over at Pronovias is. This collection had me catching my breath, with my heart racing and my eyes wide dreaming–it is absolutely fantastic. Fashion meets elegance meets romance meets brilliant design over and over again! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I hit the next button and almost cry in the beauty of it all. There is absolutely no question, this collection is the perfect week and month ender! It is deserving of all kinds of superlatives and figures of speech–save the best for last, end with a bang, what have you.

And since I cannot do any justice by mere words, jump in and see for yourself. Word of caution, this is fashion buffet at its finest so prepare your appetite as you proceed.

Oh wait, I almost forgot the best thing about this. All this can be available to you thanks to the lovely ladies over at Mi Sueño Bridal Boutique. If I were to get married in 2014, I’d know where to go! Ohmygoodness. If that is not happiness, I don’t know what is. TGIF, everyone!

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  1. Hi Rachelle,

    I’m actually getting married NEXT year but I can’t help look at wedding dresses now. LOL! Anyway, I came across Pronovias not long ago online and I fell in love with their designs!

    The link that you posted, is that the only authorised retailer in the Philippines that have Pronovias? I’m from Brunei and I may want to drop by the place.

    1. Hi Liyana! Wedding gowns can be addicting! Yes, Mi Sueño Bridal Boutique is the only authorized Pronovias retailer in the Philippines. They already have the 2014 collection in stock. They also carry other gowns like Elie Saab. You can visit their website ( to schedule an appointment. Happy gown shopping!

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