Rendezvous in Shanghai

Let’s start the week off with poignant romance. Pack up your little distractions and fly off for a few minutes into your imagination with this engagement shoot from Pat Dy. This shoot made my heart skip a beat–it’s sweet, passionate, and simply stylish. There’s also an air of sentimentality that comes from the beautiful structures and architectural details. It evokes the air of an old romance in a big city–two people finding their way to each other amidst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Isn’t that enough to send your heart racing? Add to that all the other elements like: dramatically shot details, chic and sleek ensembles, perfect lighting, and of course, a couple in love… and you are brought into a love story perfectly narrated in photographs.

Happy Monday, dear readers. Here’s one to jumpstart your hopeless romantic hearts!

Photographer: Pat Dy
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