Sea and Serendipity

Asya Premier Suites has a special place in my heart because I witnessed the engagement of two of my good friends there (yes, we cried)! So when I saw that this SDE of Jason Magbanua was a ceremony held on the same beach front, my heart skipped a beat. I already knew it was going to be beautiful! My gut was right–I loved the pretty little details like the bridesmaids’ dainty hair wreaths and the bride’s ornate hair ornament. I am totally taken by the laid back atmosphere of this wedding, from the modestly adorned canopy to the easy chemistry of the bride and groom–it’s all wistfully wonderful.

The thing about this wedding is that they didn’t have a photographer to capture the events. Everything was documented purely in film. Be still my heart! As much as I’d want to see more of the details in stills, I am quite happy seeing it through Jason’s eyes. This has to be the wedding that just keeps you wanting more! I say it again, it is all wistfully wonderful.

Keep a close eye on the bride’s wedding gown, I love the movement of the light lace and the subtle sexiness of the boned corset!

Here’s one to get your heart beating a little faster this Monday.

Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Ceremony Venue: Asya Premier Suites
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