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Hi B&B’ers! I hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday so far! Well, this post isn’t necessarily about weddings, but it is about natural beauty and every girl’s desire to look their best! Dove has always been an advocate of soft glowing skin and real beauty. I love how they stand up for women of all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. To be honest, I didn’t think I was qualified to do this. I was so nervous! I thought to myself, “Me? In a video? Why me?”. But I guess it’s true, women are so critical of themselves (you should see this other amazing Dove Real Beauty Sketches commercial) that they fail to be thankful for what God has already blessed them with. It was definitely such a privilege for me to be part of this Dove ad. Certainly an experience I will never forget!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos. Because this was the first time I was shot for a video of this sort, I had butterflies in my stomach, sweaty palms and was a nervous wreck. The team behind this project were so awesome though! Every minute that I second guessed myself, they were there to say encouraging things and cheer me on. At the end of the day, I was laughing so hard and decided to let loose.

Here I am with the great guys behind this video! To the left is super awesome director Jalz, then next to him is Jules, the brilliant brand manager of Dove, and beside me is Luis–who was so patient guiding me and looking past my bloopers.

With head stylist Feliz Lucas of Lifestyle by Feliz. Her hubby Jay Jay and cutiepie Caitlin dropped by the shoot.

Take 6,477! Action! (Kidding. haha!)

With the Lifestyle by Feliz girls!

Dove Moisture Test! It really does get the right reading. I highly recommend you take it!

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