A Gorgeous Garden Gala

We consider it such a joy to share the works of talented Filipino suppliers, whether based here in Manila or abroad. That said, we are very happy and honored that Pinoy photographers overseas also send some lovely wedding goodness our way!

Greeting us this Tuesday morning is a beautiful garden wedding from Orange County, photographed by Wai Reyes. It was fabulously tinted by a cocktail of bright colors in the entourage ensembles and the bouquets, rich greens complemented by varying shades of violet, magenta, and lilac. And what about that scrumptious plate of banana split in lieu of the traditional wedding cake? How delightfully cheeky and playful! Set in a sunshiny day in breathtaking Laguna Cliffs, it was indeed a joyous affair spiced up by the lively spirits of the couple and guests. It made me wish I were also there to enjoy the view and the festivities!

Let’s brighten up our day with a fresh gulp of berry hues and lush greens, shall we?

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