Belle and Breakfast: Ellen

We’ve been seeing a lot of gorgeous debut shoots lately, and yes, we’re really loving them! Many of the concepts are so creative and beautiful that it made us think, “Hmmm… why not show them to the world?” So once in a while we will feature debut shoots (particularly those with a bit of a dreamy vibe) under the Belle and Breakfast category. They can even serve as concept inspirations for bridal portraits or engagement shoots–the young ladies definitely have some unique ideas up their sleeve!

For our regular readers, you have seen a fair share of Mark Cantalejo‘s wedding shoots in B&B. Today will be a bit different, but no less romantic. I am crazy in love with Ellen’s pre-debut shoot–the violin, the field, the dress, the horse… everything! It screams soft femininity and timeless beauty. This shoot certainly earned its place for being our first ever feature for Belle and Breakfast.

Photographer: Mark Cantalejo
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The Look