Ranch Romance

I cannot describe how thrilled I was when I saw Allan and Jo’s engagement shoot. I have been dying to see someone sport a beautiful wreath such as this, and Jo was simply ethereal with it! With an AHMAAAZIIING team, it was destined to be beautiful beyond words, rain or shine (yup, it was raining cats and dogs when they shot this)! Then again, shooting against a romantic ranch scenery and J Lucas Reyes behind the lens, a Vatel Manila wreath (GASP!) to crown our gorgeous lady, charming styling by Aira Franco, and a couple who is in lo-lo-love… well that’s just a recipe for perfection.

Photographer: J Lucas Reyes / Flowers & Decor: Vatel Manila / Stylist: Aira Franco / Makeup Artist: Fritz Mortel / Videographer: Daniel Lei Studio
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