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This is probably one of my favorite couple portraits shot in the city. It takes skills to make a busy and industrialized environment feel soft, surreal and extra romantic. That’s exactly what Nelwin Uy did when he took Brandon and Elisa’s photos in New York. Chic, tasteful and effortless, the couple’s theme simply brought out their personalities, playfulness and passion for each other.

And can I just say? What I admire most in terms of styling this shoot is that the couple didn’t over-style it. The usual pitfall of styling a shoot is just putting way too much in one concept. Find the balance of carefully putting together well-thought-of details (and attire) that won’t outshine your personalities and emotions for each other.

Vatel Manila, a wedding florist and who is one of our favorites here in Bride and Breakfast even wrote this super helpful article on engagement shoot style.

ENGAGEMENT SHOOTS: 10 Frank Tips by Vatel Manila

  1. If you have a theme, stick to it. No need to bring so many sets of clothes that might veer away from the overall look. 1 or 2 sets would do fine. Just add a few pieces every now and then even if you’re still wearing the same outfit.
  2. If you can, get a stylist. Or at the very least, get very good style advice.
  3. Just because you find another shoot nice wouldn’t mean it would work for you as well. Stay true to your characters as a couple. Don’t be someone else.
  4. If you’re not ready yet, don’t force it. It will only make your shoot look half-baked (‘hindi pinagisipan’or unplanned is not a peg).
  5. Good location is key. Sometimes a quiet restaurant can be a good location, too. Try to look for a place that’s special to you both. We once saw a shoot in a rice field and it looked cool!
  6. Think, Plan, Re-think the outfits you’d be using. Try upping the ante a bit by ditching the polo + jeans combi. It’s actually fun to dress up. Try it.
  7. A lot of engagement shoots can succeed without props, but if it can’t be avoided, don’t bring too much. Yours is a love story, not some carnival show.
  8. K.I.S.S. Keep it stylish & sassy (although these two can mean the same thing so we guess one can’t have too much of it).
  9. Awesome photographer = awesome photos. Need we say more?
  10. Think of what your kids will say when they see your photos in the future. That should be enough reason for you to plan your engagement shoots better. Enjoy the experience! ^_^

XOXO, Team Vatel Manila

Photographer: Nelwin Uy / Location: New York
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  1. i just found the perfect inspiration for our prenup photoshoot, thank you šŸ™‚
    as you said, it’s not over-styled.
    i’ve been putting off planning for ours because everytime i think about it, images
    of an overly styled shoot comes to mind…but this, this, in the words of chandler bing, “is perfection!” šŸ™‚

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