The Nook: Well Done!

So once in a while I get to write about things outside weddings. With the growing number of followers of Bride and Breakfast, I am hoping The Nook will be a means for all of you to get to know me a little better.

God created all of us for a purpose–some singers, some doctors, some missionaries, some astronauts and yes, some bloggers too! Many of you might be at a crossroads and still figuring out what you wanna do in life. The journey is not always easy. It even took me years to get to this conclusion that I should be blogging. Yes, tears and laughter were definitely in the mix somewhere. But the thing with God is when he calls you to do something, He also equips you to get the job done. Today, I am just beyond amazed with how B&B has evolved. My desire has always been to appreciate Christ’s beauty, reflected in all of the wonderful weddings I get to write about. I am also ecstatic knowing how many people the blog has reached and helped. And what’s also amazing are the friendships that are built along the way.

Hopefully, at the end of this life, His light and truth has been magnified in B&B, and I would be able to hear two sweet words from my master and creator, “Well Done!”.

This song of Moriah Peters hits the spot!

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