Sea, Sand and Sweet Surprises

Let’s start our week in a wee bit different way. Ever wondered how a first-year anniversary/babymoon/wedding blessing will look like? Well it’s just our Cupid’s luck that today will be overflowing with ooohhss and awwws.

It was a while back that we got to show you the oh-so-spunky wedding of Jay Jay Lucas of Chestknots Studios and Tine Diestro of Lifestyle by Feliz. A year later and they’re still not done with the pretty surprises. As if a baby bump and spending their anniversary in the famous shores of Amanpulo is not enough, Jay Jay decides to surprise his lovely wife with a wedding blessing ceremony. Yup, he even made sure to surprise her with a wedding gown. Sweet and simple, this affair will surely melt your heart.

Hello sweet Monday. Be inspired!

Jay Jay: We caught a glimpse of the beach set up and it was beautiful! My wife was actually wondering why the table was small as she knew that we were going to have dinner there. It took a few minutes before she realized it was going to be a ceremony.

Jay Jay: Tine started crying when the people beside us started reading us poems. They were kinda sweet and it set the mood for what was going to happen next. By this time I couldn’t stop looking at my wife and was happy seeing that she was really surprised.

Jay Jay: My wife and I before we got married thought about having a beach wedding since we both loved the beach. It was nice to somehow have a mini-wedding again and the only difference was that there were no guests around, no pressure, no program, etc. It was just us and God. It really made us reflect on how God has been working in our lives in our first year of marriage. We have much to be thankful for and we were blessed to be in a place that made us feel God’s presence and goodness.

Jay Jay: To husbands out there, I just want to share that pursuing your wife even after marriage, surprising her once in a while, is definitely worth it. It’s priceless.

Photos Courtesy of: Jay Jay Lucas

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  1. wow!!! that is just so sweet(hubbies take note;)…true, sometimes the pomp and the pageantry of weddings are enough to bring out stress and anxiety for wedded couples to be….but truly what matters is that as man and wife you come together to pledge before God your lifelong commitment to love each other for the rest of your life:) congrats to you Sir Jayjay & Ms. Tine and your coming bundle of joy!!

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