Patterns, Prints and a Playful Pair

Gavin and Juris’ engagement shoot has all the much-coveted candy-colored details that are always a welcome treat to those of us who love pretty hues and artsy styling. I can’t begin to gush over what I actually love about this shoot–it’s all about the coming together of the right elements. Super cute and summer chic outfits + the right (and super talented) photographers to give life to the concept + the natural and candid mood of the shoot + a fun backdrop + a couple very much in love = PERFECTION.

Venue: Space EncountersSubspace Coffee House, and Bulb Studios / Make-up: Jen Cabriana / Styling: John Lozano / Production Design and Styling: Rabbithole Creatives

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The Look



    1. We updated the photos in the post so that might be the reason you can’t see them. Should be fixed already by now. Let me know if you’re still having problems!

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