I DO: A Save-The-Date Video

I thank all you B&B’ers for constantly supporting Bride and Breakfast. It warms my heart when I get submissions of all the pretty wedding material from couples or friends from the industry. Although I don’t get to publish each and every submission, I consider all of them beautiful.

Today I decided to post something that I think is both sincere and adorable. It’s a fresh take on doing a save-the-date video. Sometimes the simplest words can mean the whole world to someone. Here’s what the bride Jovy wrote me.

Hi Janna!

I simply cannot resist to make a submission. My husband is a very private person and he’ll hate me for doing this but I love it too much not to share. Besides, the wedding is done and a bunch of people have already seen it both online and on site at the wedding.

Anyway, please click the link to view the save the date vide for my wedding. I’m not sure if you’ll want to post this but this is not your usual Save the Date video. This is the work of my Maid of Honor, Clarissa De Los Reyes, a NY based film-maker with a Masters in Film from NYU under her belt.

The video running for barely 2 minutes is very simple, candid and real. After watching it a thousand times I still laugh and cry while watching it. The real star is my daughter Gabriela, 13 years old. Her dad and I finally tied the knot after being on and off for over 15 years.

Thanks again for all your help. Keep up the great work. I love, love, love, your blog!


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