Color Me Pretty

I have four words for you–OUT OF THE BOX. Yes siree! Mark and Mica certainly wanted something fun and different. And who better to capture this whimsical and so-not-traditonal affair than Mangored. I might forget to mention that our lovely bride also has her own blog rightfully called RebelliousBride–a very amusing read. So if you’re one to go for the road less travelled (definitely not for the faint of heart) today’s feature might actually be the right amount of push you’ll need.

Photography: Mangored

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The Look


  1. I so enjoyed reading this… So much eye candy to behold! šŸ™‚ Their wedding was featured in already, and it was such a treat! šŸ™‚

  2. Dear Janna/Bride and Breakfast,

    Thank you SO much for featuring Mica’s wedding and linking our blog! I must share the power and influence of your blog because because of your link, it created a halo effect on our blog as well. SUPER THANKS! šŸ˜‰

    On a sidenote, I love your blog! In fact, when Mica and I didn’t have our own blog yet, your blog was one of the only two blogs that I read when I was doing my own wedding preps.

    Thanks again!

    Kai šŸ™‚

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