Its All about A

A is for amazing, A is for adorable, A is for Andrew and Angelie’s artistically attractive affair.  Some of you might find this couple familiar–that’s because we already featured their super cute and chic engagement shoot a few months back. And their wedding doesn’t fall far from the prettiness we already saw. The details to love about this affair? Angelie’s sandals, their invites, even down to signage and table arrangements. I’d also give an A+ for the fact that the bridesmaids wore different dresses (that was perfectly accessorized with gorgeous blooms!)– so laid back and tasteful. This is what dream beach weddings are made of. Lovely Monday B&B’ers!

Photography: Nelwin Uy / Venue: Discovery Shores, Boracay / Videography: Mayad Studios / Make-up: Mica Tuano / Coordinator: Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings

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  1. The first picture of Angelie I saw, I couldn’t help but whistle out loud (whooot whoooot!) Love the rest of the pics… 1.) I wish I was looking at the photographer for the photo I was in, 2.) I love the Janssen family photo (very fun!) and 3.) Was that really Josh and Christine kissing? If so, that’s the first PDA I’ve ever seen from them! 4.) Let’s all do a Boracay reunion!!! No I’m serious! 🙂

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