A Romance to Remember

It warms my heart knowing that Filipinos are making such an impact in the wedding industry all over the world. We’ve featured so much of Mayad’s work that if you’re a B&B regular, you’d be familiar with the waves they’ve created in the field of wedding videography. But alongside their talent, I discovered another proud-to-be-Pinoy artist who creates such pleasingly-polished masterpieces. Based in the United States, Binary Flips is a photography company with impeccable work. Need proof?

Here’s a strikingly-splendid engagement session with a drop-dead gorgeous couple, David and Kendra. Let me spill some juicy trivia. First, David is an actor! He actually starred in a few episodes of One Tree Hill. And secondly, he is half-Filipino. So with all angles covered, I guess we’ve got a room full of talent today.

And because our photographer is new to Bride and Breakfast, I decided to ask Dennis to share a little something from the heart of Binaryflips.

I’ve been practicing photography as a hobby over ten years and have always held an interest in pursuing a career in the arts (I’m an MD by profession). Our wedding in the Philippines in 2008 reignited my desire in photography. Back in the US, we launched our website in May of that year and registered five clients. In 2009, business began to blossom as our catalog of clients grew to 26. Although inquiries and emails started to accumulate after every entry in our blog, I ascertained that the quality of our work did not decline. By late 2009, we achieved our first feature in a magazine and in turn, enhanced our exposure. By 2010, we were compensated for our hard work and have booked 47 weddings for the year. More magazines and wedding blogs started to feature our work and more blessings came in as celebrity couples started recognizing our work. However, 98% of our clients are Americans and we’ve only had one Filipino wedding so far—we would love to do more Filipino weddings. It is an honor to be selected for this guest feature and we are humbled to be here. We aspire that our endeavor may inspire other Filipinos to follow their dreams, just as we have.

Videography: Mayad Studios / Photography: BinaryFlips

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