Fashion Friday: Amir Awad

It’s Friday, I’m in love. Top 3 reasons? First, my husband brought me breakfast in bed (he’s such an amazing guy!). Two, I’m totally looking forward to this long weekend and I’m pretty sure most of you are too. And last but definitely not the least, it’s Fashion Friday! And I get to suggest again […]

Perfect Pier Pair

Let’s go on an adventure today. But first we need to go over the checklist. Fun destination? CHECK! Talented photographer? CHECK! Vintagely chic outfits? CHECK! Now, if only we had a couple who is not afraid to get their feet wet (literally!)… OH WAIT!!! We actually do. Mark and Trisha’s fun-in-the-sun engagement hoopla is ready […]

Take a Bow (Tie)

Let’s take a break from those pretty weddings and jump into some super cute wedding details. Just yesterday I was raving about the cute bow ties of the couple Jojo and Myra. So that got me to thinking, how much do I really love those pretty little things? Well, enough to set a day writing […]

Green Gorgeousness

Pretty pretty wedding, I utterly loveth thee! For a hundred reasons, but here’s a few…for your ravishingly elegant gown, and those too-cute-for-words little boy’s outfits, that charming and laid back set-up and the green gorgeousness all around. There are days that I could go on and on about these beautiful things. But now it’s time […]

Kota Kinabalu, I Heart YOU

It’s Monday so I have an excuse to go all out! Besides when it comes to Mayad Studios, it’s hard to wait till tomorrow to show you some AMAZINNNG work. I love, love, love wedding trailers. My only regret about this trailer was it wasn’t mine! This one is exciting, romantic and all passion! Gorgeous […]