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First of all, I want to welcome you to our new home. It’s definitely so exciting to see how Bride and Breakfast has been inspiring many of our readers out there. And now that we’ve moved, we continue to try our best to bring to you the best of the best of all things pretty.

To mark our move, I would like to start of with something very close to home. We’re so ecstatic to announce that our wedding feature in Martha Stewart Magazine is out! It’s such an honor to be asked to share our wedding day to such a respected magazine.

Today I want to share with you more about that special day. Being meticulous about my preferences I decided to be very hands on in the planning and execution. And because I love weddings, I had so much fun doing it. But before I go on and on about the details, here’s a peek at one of the best days of my life.

The white folding chairs give a different vibe and enhances the garden feel of the ceremony.

Who said candelabras can only be used as centerpieces? Having silverware against the greenery gave a formal and classy look to the aisle.

Remember, weddings are only as good as the people you celebrate with. It’s endearing to know that while everyone was seriously listening to the ceremony, these kids took time to goof around.

Add D.I.Y. accessories that will make your wedding look more personalized. Making these flower girl headpieces was one of the best style decisions I made for the wedding. I think they stole the show. But I didn’t mind, I love them.

Always take time to make the wedding reflect who you are. Choosing a color scheme can be tricky. At the end of the day, it’s you who will look back at your pictures. I wanted everything blush pink with hints of muted colors–I never regretted it.

Capitalize on your surroundings. I was thrilled to see the black and white printed tiles of Antonio’s. Because the place in itself was so breathtaking, I needed to put flowers that were not over the top but still exudes beauty and charm.

Here are videos that were shown during our wedding from our photographers Pat Dy & Francis Perez and our videographer Mervin Gobaco.

And because I did most of the talking I want to show you a different angle. I decided to ask someone special share something else about the wedding.

From the groom:

Most grooms let their brides plan everything (and with good reason too)! However, I knew that I wasn’t a normal groom. Call me strange, but I always had a picture of what I wanted my wedding to look like—it’s my day also, not just my bride’s! So from the very start, I was hands-on with all of the wedding details. I realized that Janna and I do complement each other—she’s the visionary and I execute the great ideas she thinks of.

Despite all our preparation, I was still full of trepidation for the events of the day. But the moment I saw the beautiful garden set up for the wedding, I was at peace and I knew everything would turn out right. A lot of grooms cry when they see their brides march down the aisle, and I know Janna was secretly gunning for me to do the same, but all I could do was smile when I saw how stunningly breathtaking the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life was.

Up to the end of the reception when Janna and I were thanking our guests, I still couldn’t believe how beautiful everything turned out to be—even better than I could’ve ever imagined. I guess no matter how much you prepare for “The Big Day”, it’s really God who will make it beautiful. Ecclesiastes 3:11 comes to mind—“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.”

Ceremony and Reception: Antonio’s, Tagaytay / Gown: Monique Lhuillier / Suit: Frederick Peralta / Entourage: Bride / Photographer: Pat Dy / Videographer: MG Digital / Flowers: Flowers Unlimited / Cake: Peachy Juban of Shortcrust / Coordinator: Jojit Dy of Third Party / Invitations: Printsonalities / Make-Up: Robbie Piñera / Hair: Raymond Santiago

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    1. Janna, congratulations to Bride and Breakfast’s new chapter. I can say that a lot of my brides look up to your blog for inspiration. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again… I love, love, love your own wedding! 😀

    2. Hi Janna,
      Congratulations on your new home! I get so excited when you post new blogs. Like most brides, I want my wedding to be as romantic and perfect as it can be and Bride and Breakfast is a wonderful inspiration. I’m getting married in 2 years but my fiance and I are already booking our vendors as early as now to lessen the inevitable stress that goes with wedding preparations. I must say that your own wedding was absolutely breathtaking! Every minute detail was well thought of. The white folding chairs that you used for the ceremony is exactly what we’re looking for! May I ask who your supplier was for the chairs? Thanks so much and more power (and beautiful weddings) to Bride and Breakfast!!

    3. Hi Janna,

      I just found out about your blog yesterday & I can’t help but go over the entries again & again. I also adore the gowns you designed for your entourage. Would you happen to have a website of your portfolio?
      Thanks! 🙂

    4. Hi Janna,

      I would like to extend my warmest congratulations! I just bought a copy of Martha Stewart Weddings yesterday and saw your wedding feature. I immediately went online and made a comment on your old blog. Your wedding is sooo beautiful and really heartfelt! I watched your video and I cried. I love it! I can really relate myself to you because I am a very hands on bride-to-be from the conceptualization down to the littlest details. Planning our special day has never been stressful for me because I love what I am doing! Again, keep blogging and continue inspiring others. God Bless!!!

      Jingger A.

      1. Hi Jingger, you’re so sweet! That feature was really a blessing we did not expect! Hoping our wedding can inspire many brides to pursue their own style in their big day! I’m excited to see yours!

    5. I love your wedding, Janna 🙂
      This has been one of the most heartfelt wedding videos I’ve seen.
      Every detail in the wedding was beautiful 🙂
      Congratulations 🙂

      1. Hi Jo! Thank you for your kind words. It was such an amazing experience. And if you read what my handsome groom wrote, I’d say he really helped a lot into turning the vision into reality. Thank you for supporting Bride and Breakfast! I love it when readers enjoy our posts!

    6. Hi Janna,

      I love your blog! 🙂 It’s a recent discovery and guilty pleasure of mine. Please keep up the good work. 🙂 I also saw the Martha Stewart feature and your wedding was really really beautiful. Congratulations to you and your husband! I especially love the MG video. 🙂 I also wanted to ask, how many guests did you have at Antonio’s? 🙂


      1. Hi Martina,

        Thank you so much for supporting B&B. It never fails to put a smile on my face whenever I hear that people are really enjoying the blog! MG did such an amazing job with our video. He even said a lot of people booked him after seeing it! God really made everything workout perfectly. As for Antonio’s they have a seating capacity of 250 I think. Hope to always see you here!

    7. I also want to have a garden wedding but unfortunately, I was told that Catholic wedding ceremonies can only be done in church. Do you mind if I ask what your religion is?

    8. Hi Janna!

      love your blog! you really have a good eye for all things pretty. 🙂 I like going here for reference and inspiration. and yes, I love, love your wedding! I love the look and feel of it…great job! I also like the song used on your photo slideshow..I’m so interested in finding out the title and the artist..I hope you can share it with me =)

      Thanks! =)
      If I may ask

    9. your wedding is so beautiful! i’m planning my wedding in may 2011 and looking at your wedding photos gives me a lot of inspiration. if i may, i want to know where you sourced your folding chairs, as i am having a garden wedding too. thanks.

    10. Hi Janna!

      I love your blog! It gives me so much inspiration for my own wedding. Your wedding is so so beautiful! You have the same exact colors I want to use for my own wedding, and we’re having a garden wedding as well so I was really happy to see your post 🙂 Anyway, can I ask who is your stylist for the ceremony? Thanks! 🙂

    11. Hi Janna,

      I’m currently looking for table centerpieces. Can I ask what flowers were used in yours (I love them! *grins*)? The in house florist I consulted with said I could use orchids and just spray it blush pink but I’m not so thrilled with the idea =)

    12. Hi Janna,

      Hahaha so i guess I couldn’t get away from the extra fee she’s charging me for spraying then.

      Janna, I have to SUPER thank you for this blog. It has been one of my daily reads and i always love your features. I’ve also read about your story from the magazine and I really admire you =) Congratulations on the baby and take a loooot of care always. Thanks for the inspiration!


    13. Go for it Vanessa, at the end of the day your wedding will be one of the best moments of your life ( I still gush over mine! hahaha! I loved that day!)

      Thanks for all the support you are giving to the blog. I am so overwhelmed with the welcome it has received. I started this blog so I can help brides be inspired to have the most tasteful weddings, and it’s such a privilege to see that it has really helped out many! Thank you again!


    14. oh my i am having goosebumps!
      i was only searching for reviews about vera wang @ david’s bridal so i came upon your blog, which led me to click this page. I can’t imagine almost all the details I have in my mind so perfectly executed. I have the candelabras with the flowers pic saved in my desktop for months now, and so with the blush nude color for my entourage! Your wedding is so beautiful, and I am oh so inspired.

    15. Hi Janna,

      I learned this website a few days ago while searching for wedding ideas. I have a copy of the Martha Stewart magazine that featured your wedding and realized that you are the same author who owned this site. I love the details of your wedding, your look and your entourage dresses. I would like to ask what material did you use for the entourage dresses, is it chiffon? I am wondering if they are infinity dresses. I wanted flowing dresses for my entourage and they can wear it again (as part of my gift to them).

      Thank you and God bless.


      1. Hi Dang! Thanks for visiting the site and for appreciating the entourage dresses. Yes, I used chiffon, but they aren’t infinity dresses. I agree with you, I had a goal in mind to make dresses for my entourage that they could use after my wedding!

    16. Hi Janna,

      I’m so impressed with your designs for your entourage. May I know who executed your gowns? It’s not easy finding a good seamstress.

      Best regards,

      1. Hi Candy! I had a seamstress which I used before in my old business but I don’t think she can do it unless it’s a bulk order, she only agreed to do a one-off for me.

    17. Hi Janna,

      We’re planning to have our wedding at Antonio’s too. Are the white folding chairs from them, or did you rent it from outside suppliers? Thanks!

        1. Hi Janna i’m having my wedding too @ Antonio’s middle of this year but unfortunately until now haven’t book some suppliers.. May I know who is ur supplier for lights and sounds?and for music did u get an ensemble or what? any suggestions?Thank u in advance..btw i love ur blog!

    18. Hi Janna 🙂
      I’ve never been sure with the details of my wedding.thank God for He directed me to your site.Your ideas are blessings to future happy brides ^__^ God bless you more!

    19. Your latest post brought me back to this one, even though I’ve gone over it a few times before. And I remembered how gorgeous your DIY flower girl headpieces when I saw the picture. Do you have a tutorial on that? Or a link to the tutorial you followed, if there was one? 🙂

    20. hi janna im having my wedding at Antonio’s too next year and i really like the candelabras.. where can i get it? and do u make dresses for entourage? i love ur entourage dresses! thank u

    21. Hi Mom.O,

      The candelabras are ours. The dresses, I made since I used to make gowns. But I don’t anymore cause I’m so busy with the blog. We got sensitivity for lights and sounds!


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