Beyond Frills and Fluff: The Story of the Minimalist Bride

A scene from a few years ago: Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada enters, exuding quiet simplicity and soft elegance with every stride. She beams and flashes a smile that radiates like sunshine. On that day, Bride and Breakfast organized a shoot where she was to be at the center of it all—a woman we felt would perfectly exemplify […]

The Look




    Evan and Ivory’s Latest Dresses Are A Minimalist Bride’s Dream Come True!

    Everyone in love with the minimalist trend raise your hands! If you’ve got your hand in the air (like me), then you can’t miss out on today’s Fashion Friday feature. The Evan and Ivory 2017 Collection is a must-see for all you ladies out there looking for a minimalist-inspired gown. These lovely beauties have no […]