Val Jalijali

Val Jalijali

A lively and graceful host that infuses the program with fun, warmth & laughter.
For a seamless and memorable event, Val Jalijali is the host for you.

Mobile Number
(0917) 520-9582
Landline Number
(02) 8931-2525
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We were introduced to Val by a friend who also got her as their host for their upcoming wedding. Val is quite understanding, easy to talk to and adjust to. We told her our story and plans for the reception while having us fill up an excel sheet for a detailed run through of the whole program. Together with the help of our coordinator, the program was adjusted on the night itself since the speeches of our guests exceeded the time allotted. We also loved how Val was so organized and made sure that the names of our VIPs and entourage were pronounced correctly.

Neil Guevarra | May 12, 2021

I've known Val since high school and we took the same course in college as well, hence she was the first choice to be the host in my wedding reception. She was very hands-on and provided good suggestions for the program.

She was also flexible in accommodating to our preference to keep the program brief yet memorable, given the COVID-19 situation. Everyone enjoyed the event, and many thanks to Val for being part of our special milestone. 🙂

Patrick Ramoso | May 11, 2021

We met Ms.Val through our Wedding Planner, Ms.Tam Ramos. We chose her to become our host for our wedding reception last March 10. During our first meeting, we instantly liked her because she was friendly and approachable. We liked her ideas for the program and she gladly accepted our ideas as well. Our family, friends and visitors enjoyed the program; they liked the games and other activities too! Thank you so much, Ms.Val!

Abegail Kaye Gallegos Usman | May 11, 2021

Val hosted my husband’s 75th birthday banquet. And she is just sooo pretty, witty and always with a presence of mind to be in the moment of the event every time. Definitely commendable and recommendable...

Laureen Jue | May 11, 2021

Val’s first 18th birthday event was my daughter’s but it seemed like it was not her first. She is very poised, articulate and proper. She presented herself very well and can capture everyone’s attention from the beginning of the program until the finale. She also takes time to plan every event with the celebrator, that is why you can be sure all your inputs are considered. I highly recommend Val for all your hosting needs. Thanks Val, until our next event☺️

Lana Marie Bautista | May 11, 2021

Val is a very lively host and can keep the audience engaged all throughout the program. I’ve attended 2 of her weddings and she adapts well to the guests no matter what their background is. She also helps couples come up with their program details if they need it. Two thumbs up!

JR | May 11, 2021

Val can bring an instant touch of class to your event. She is a fun host and yet she does not bring any crassness that I have seen in other event hosts. She is very experienced and she has many good ideas that will help in planning your event. She is very pleasant to work with and she is very organized.

Peter Ryan Ocampo | May 11, 2021
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