Common Suits

Yale Blue Three Piece Suit

Common Suits is a Singaporean premium custom clothier established in 2014. With a mission to empower men through high quality custom clothing, they take pride in the attention detail for every individual’s body type, style and preferences. Their garments are handcrafted in Singapore for quality consistency, and created with these 3 elements in mind - masculine, timeless and comfortable. They opened their first overseas branch in Manila in 2018.

Mobile Number
(0917) 812-4193
5 Campanilla Street,
New Manila
Quezon City
Bride and Breakfast Features
  • Tobacco Linen Suit
  • Navy Double Breasted Suit in Chalk Stripes Pattern
  • Gray Suit in Glen Checks Pattern
  • Charcoal Gray Suit in Pin Stripe Pattern
  • Black Tuxedo


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